Saved By Him [L.H]

He saved me from


I've been enslaved by his love without even realizing it.


5. Chapter 5

Hilary's POV

"I feel like eating cookies." Zachary said as he snuggled onto me.

Ever since he's apologized, he's been nothing but sweet to me. But I couldn't get the name Luke out of my head ever since I met him. I definitely have feelings for Zach but I feel like the feelings I have for Luke are a lot stronger.

"I bought some yesterday." I said rubbing his back.

"Ooo.. I want some!" He hopped up and went to the kitchen. While flipping through the channels, Zachary's phone started to ring.

"Zach! Your phones ringing!" I yelled. He mumbled an okay since u could tell his mouth was full. The sound started to annoy me so I grabbed his phone and pressed one of the volume buttons on the sides to mute it. While doing that, of course my eyes wondered to see who was calling.

The caller ID read Debra. Who the heck is Debra? I pushed the question out of the way as Zachary came running in from the kitchen.

"Who's Debra?" I asked as I handed him the phone.

"She's my cousin." He quickly blurted out as he picked up the call. He exited out the back sliding door to the backyard as I was still surfing channels.

Luke's POV

I again biked to Hilary's house because Ashton wouldn't trust me with his car. I soon arrived and I saw Hilary through the window looking at the tv. I tapped on the window and our eyes soon met. A smile appeared on her face as I waved her to open the door.

"Hey Luke!" She said as she open the front door.

"Hey Hilary. How's everything going?"

"You know what, it's been better then before." I could tell that happiness was smeared on her face.

"Zachary actually apologized and he's actually being a great boyfriend." She said. Part of my heart saddened.

"That's great Hilary. I'm really happy for you."

"Thank you Luke. And thanks for the flowers. There're beautiful."

"No problem. You deserve them." I said I think making her blush a little.

"Well Hilary, I have something to give to you." I grabbed the note from out of my pocket and placed it in her hands.

"Make sure you read it."

"I will Luke." She smiled.

"There you are Hilary! I couldn't find you anywhere." Zachary said stepping outside. He suddenly turned to me and froze.

"Hey, your that guy from the deck right?" He asked me.

"Yeah that's me."

"I'm Zachary and I apologize for getting in your face back there. I don't know what got into me." He apologized.

"It's cool mate. I understand. And I'm Luke." I introduced.

"Nice meeting you." He shook my hand and there was kinda an awkward silence. (I hate those moments!)

"Well I've got to get going so I'll see you guys around." I said.

"See you later Luke." Hilary waved as they entered the house.

Hilary's POV

As soon as we entered, Zachary pulled me to him and smashed his lips on mine. I was kinda surprised at first but then I started to kiss back. Was he trying to make Luke jealous? I mean it is a role for a boyfriend to play but I wonder how Luke's feeling. We pull away and I look to him.

"Wow um... That was surprising." I told him.

"Life is full of surprises, right?"

"Ugh. Your so cheesy." I laughed.

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