Saved By Him [L.H]

He saved me from


I've been enslaved by his love without even realizing it.


18. Chapter 17

Hilary's POV

He brought me to a zoo. I laughed to myself on how creative this could've been. I guess he caught me smiling to myself when he spoke up.

"You excited we're at the zoo?" He smirked.

"As silly as it sounds, yes I am." He shook his head in amusement. "What even made you think of the zoo?"

"I don't know. I wanted to go somewhere fun but chill, so I chose the zoo." He shrugged.

He pulled in and paid for the admission tickets and we got into the park.

"Okay," I started while reading the map." We should start that way starting with the rhinos."

"Whatever you say, queen." He pretended to bow down and I smacked his arm playfully.

"Ow!" He exclaimed rubbing his arm.

"That did not hurt. Come on, let's go." I grabbed his hand and we were off.


After an hour and a half of looking at animals, trying to dodge little six year olds, and a crazy amount of walking, Luke and I decided to take a break and I finally bought us some frozen yogurt. It took me a whole lot of convincing for Luke not to buy it but he gave in.

"I will never get tired of frozen yogurt." Luke said as he took a whip out of the sweet treat. I smiled.

I never get tired of you.

What am I thinking? Snap out of it Hilary, you have Zachary.

"Hello? Earth to Hilary?" Luke waved his hand in front of my face.

"Sorry. I zoned out."

"Yeah, what could you possibly be thinking about missy?"

"Nothing." I giggled.

He squinted his eyes and shrugged.

A comfortable silence surrounded us as we ate.

"How does yours taste?" He asked.

"Fine. Why?"

"Let me have a little bit." He smirked.

"No! Whenever I'm eating something you always want some." I laughed.

"I just want a little bit." He whined.

"Fine." I sighed. He took a scoop and smiled.

"Can I ask you something?"

"You already did."

I scoffed.

"Why do you do things like things like this for me?"

"Things like what?" He asked.

"Like taking me out, letting me watch your band, or meet your friends."

"Zachary never lets you meet his friends?" I took a scoop of my yogurt.

"No, I only know his best friend Dan." I mumbled.

He nodded.

"I do these things because you're fun to hang out with and make me feel like I'm myself. I don't feel awkward or intimated around you and you always make me smile."

I was honestly touched. I'm all about awkwardness. How could I make someone feel comfortable? I don't even feel comfortable living in my own house!

"Really?" I asked.

"Of course. You make everything so relaxed." I looked down at my fingers.

"C'mon gumdrop. Let's go check out some more animals." He grabbed my hand and we were off once again.


With hand in hand, I walked with a smile on my face looking at the animals.

I looked at the map and saw "Feeding the giraffes Fiona and Freddy".

"Luke! Can we go to feed giraffes? Please!"

"Will it cost me anything?" He sighed.

"Please?" I puckered out my bottom lip and whined.

"Please Luke! It'll be fun. And it not even far! Please, please, please?"

"Will it get up to shut up?" He saId plainly.

"Well you don't have to say it like that." I scoffed.

"Ok fine let's go." He sighed rolling his eyes.

"Alright then."

The line was humongous! Little crying children and tired parents were all lined up to meet Freddy and Fiona. It took us am hour or so to finally reach the front of the line. We walked up the plank to reach the giraffes.

"Hi! My name is Shelby. I have a few rules to give you before you feed the animals. You can't pet them or stand too close to them or..." And I kinda just zoned out from there.

"Enjoy!" She finally handed us two bowls of lettuce and we walked toward I think Fiona.

"The tongue is so long!" Luke laughed giving Fiona a piece.

Then Freddy came over.

"Hi Freddy!" I said as I reach out to touch his neck.

"Hilary! You can't touch them!" Luke yelled.

"It's not gonna hurt."

I reached out a little over the edge and felt his rough but severally smooth.

I turned to Luke. "See nothing went wro-" I was cut off by a warm, slimy sensation on my face.

"Did it just lick you?" Luke laughed.

"Ew!" I panicked but was laughing at the same time.

I used my shirt to try to wipe it off but there was no use. I saw Shelby walk over to us.

"Would you like me to take a picture of you two?" She asked.

"Please." Luke said.

With the animals behind us, Luke threw his arm over my shoulder and smiled.

"Alright, it was cute." Shelby said handing my phone to me.

"Thanks." I smiled. I took my phone and gave a cheesy smile looking at the both of us.

"Oh I look hot." Luke charmed over my shoulder.

"You're just so full of yourself, aren't you?"

"For you have said it." I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

"So what do you wanna do next?" He asked.

"I don't know. What's on the map?"

"Uh we can-" My phone rang and I pulled it out showing Zachary.

"I have to take this." Luke nodded as I picked it up


"How come you haven't called?" He chuckled. How could he have asked that?

"How come you haven't called?" I threw back at him.

"Because that's your job." The conversation became quiet and cold.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I just wanted to see how you were. I didn't call to get sassed at. Is it that time of the month again?"

"Look Zach. I don't have time for this okay? I'm pretty busy." I snapped

"Doing what?"

"I'm out with a friend."

"Nice to know that you finally got out of the house." He laughed.

It wasn't amusing.

"I got to go." I sighed.

"Alright, bye." I hung up and took a deep breath.

That was pathetic.

"Hey Hil! You alright?" Luke yelled walking back with two cotton candy tubs in his hand.

"Luke did you seriously get me cotton candy?" I smiled.

"Yeah." He handed me mine and I handed him a thank you.

"So who was that?" Luke asked.

"Eh. No one important." I stuffed some in my mouth.


We passed by some more animals and was about done with the park. We can across the huge camel which you could ride but I hate heights.

"Hilary! We can ride the camel!" Luke exclaimed.

"I don't know Luke. I'm kinda afraid of heights."

"Oh c'mon! It can't be that bad and plus, I let you feed the giraffes." He whined.

Noticing his point, I gave in.

"Okay I guess."

"Alright let's go."

We walked up the really long ramp to meet the camel. The line wasn't long and once we go there the attendant had to give us rules and stuff.

"Alright, just step over the gate and sit carefully." He told us.

Luke took my hand into his and we started to walk toward the animal.

"Holy cow this is high." I trembled.

"You're gonna be fine." Luke laughed.

"This isn't funny Hemmings. I'm scared."

"Okay princess, I'll stop laughing."

At that moment, I stopped breathing.

"You're blushing." Luke teased.

"No I'm not!" I laughed looking down. Goodness, I hate myself.

Luke hopped on top of the camel and I stood there scared to death.

"I can't do it Luke."

"Yes you can, give me your hand." I bit my lip and grabbed his hand. He carefully helped me onto the camel and when I sat down in front of him, he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Just enjoy it." He whispered in my ears. I nodded.

"Are you guys ready?" The man asked.

"No!" I yelled.

"She's ready." Luke laughed.

And then the camel started to move and tighten my grip on Luke's hands.

"Is it nice?" I asked.

"You would see if you'd open your eyes." I opened on eye and then both and it was beautiful. You could see all the animals and tiny children walk around. The sun was just setting and it revealed the pinkish orange sky.

"It's beautiful." I said as Luke rubbed his thumb against my arm.

"I know." He sighed.

I endured a couple of more minutes looking at the horizon and touching the animal and soon the ride was over. I got of carefully and Luke followed.

"See wasn't that breathtaking?" He smirked.

"Yeah I guess." I said rolling my eyes.

"I feel like it's time to head home." Luke said as I nodded.

And by that time we headed to the car.

"You ready?" Luke asked putting his seat belt on.

"Yep." I smiled.

He put the car into shift and we were on our way.


Luke's POV

Hilary fell asleep a while ago and I think that she had enjoyed herself. I pulled into her driveway and parked the car. Turning her her, I just couldn't wake her up.

I know my mother never taught me to do this but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I reached over and grabbed her purse and took the keys.

"I feel so bad for doing this." I mumbled.

Opening the passenger door, I picked her up bridal style and walked to the porch. Holding the keys, I put it in the door trying to open it but it was the wrong key. I tried the next one, and the next, then the next and finally found it.

Finally opened, I walked in and brought her upstairs to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I removed her shoes and pulled the covers on top of her.

"Good night princess." I laid a light kiss on her forehead and walked out the room.

I locked the door from the inside and headed home.

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