Saved By Him [L.H]

He saved me from


I've been enslaved by his love without even realizing it.


16. Chapter 15

I'm writing this in third person view bc why not..

"Um this is Dan. From high school." Luke froze. He had no words. He couldn't say nothing. No words came out. The was nothing to say. Questions and doubts collected in his mind.

How did he find me?

Why is he now wanting to talk to me?

He's the reason I'm the person I am today...

"Hello?" Dan said on the other line.

"H-how did you find my number?" Luke stuttered.

Pull your act together Luke. Make him feel like you've turned out to be something. He took a deep breath and relaxed.

"Well.. I know that it's been a really long time but I really need your help." Luke frowned.

"What you you need my help for?" He growled.

"It's about Hilary."

"How do you know her?" Luke was super skeptical about this whole situation and was feeling something awful was going to happen.

"Listen Luke. Can you meet me at the park on Davie and we'll talk more there."

"Dan, I haven't seen you in years, and knowing what you have done to me in the past, how do I not know if you're going to murder me?" He retorted truthfully.

Dan faintly chuckled and Luke wasn't amused but rather annoyed.

"I won't. And I'm sorry about our past. I would like to explain more about it at the park."

Luke hesitated to say anything. Part of him felt wrong but his gut was pulling him towards it.

"Fine." He mumbled.

Dan felt sudden victory over Luke and his answer knowing that he wouldn't let his dear friend down.


Luke sat on a park bench with anticipation, looking at all the children playing and feeling the warm thick air blow.

Seeing Dan made him feel like he was in danger as he was. Dan was the reason Luke dropped out. He didn't feel excepted for who he was, he was told that he would never become something, or that he was worth nothing. And it all started with Dan.

But if I wasn't for Dan, then I wouldn't have met the mates I have today right?

Minuets passed by revealing his old rival.

Luke was surprised at his image with his slicked back brown hair and the same light brown eyes. He was super fit and muscular. But one thing that did stay the same was his recognizable face.

"Wow Lucas, you've changed."

"So have you." He nodded and Dan took a seat next to him. Dan sighed heavily and shook his head.

"I told you to come here to give you a offer."

"An offer?" Luke thought.

"You know Zachary, Hilary's boyfriend right?" He nodded.

"Well, I'm Zachary's closest friend and he wants me to give you the offer."

He mentioned him to continue and so Dan did.

"He wants you to keep Hilary a little occupied and not focused on him."

"Why?" His muscles tighten.

"He's taking care of some business and needs her to stop worrying."

"Well that's a bunch of bull." Luke gritted from his teeth.

"What? You know?" Luke didn't respond.

"Luke you can't tell Hilary. If you do Zach will have it coming for you."

Luke sighed and shivered at the thought of Zachary. He was so large in size and could make anyone intimated with only one stare.

"So are you up it?" Dan smirked.

"Deal." Luke grabbed his hand and shook it.

What are you doing idiot!

Luke was only doing this to keep Hilary as far away from Zachary. He wanted to keep her occupied and away from worry and actually enjoy life for a while.

Only to know that it would come with some benefits and doubts..

Hey guys. Sorry it took so long. I have my finals this week and I've been studying hard.

This chapter is based on a couple chapters before on what happened just to keep y'all filled in.

Make sure you like, fav, and comment! Thanks for reading!

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