Saved By Him [L.H]

He saved me from


I've been enslaved by his love without even realizing it.


12. Chapter 12

Hilary's POV

Ring. Ring. Ring.

I awoke from my slumber and the sun was beaming in my face, making me my eyes squint. I picked up my phone and saw Zach calling me.

"Hello?" I said in my groggily wake up voice.

"Hey love, did I wake you up?"

"Yeah I was sleeping but I needed to get up anyways. But what's up babe?"

"Not much. I just wanted to see if you're okay." I adjusted myself to sit up.

"Zach I'm fine. Don't worry about me. You need to focus on your mom and your mom only. Speaking of her, how is she?"

"She's fine. She's still in pain but she's slowly but surely getting better."

"I'm glad to hear that. Tell everyone I said hi." I said.

"I will. I miss you darling." I smiled.

"I miss you too. Bye love."


I hung up the phone and decided to go get ready. When I got out of the shower, I put on a black t-shirt and some light blue jeans. I left my hair down to dry. I grabbed my fuzzy socks and headed downstairs for breakfast.

I turned on the tv and found me some adventure time.

Ding dong.

"Ugh. What the heck do you want?" I whined. I opened the doer and saw Audrey standing there.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Well I need your help moving so I came to get you." She said.

"Oh yeah I totally forgot that your moving in with Dan. I'll come. Let me get my things and we'll ride." I said searing for my phone and grabbing my bag.

We got into the car and drove out of the driveway.

"Is Dan excited?" I asked.

"He's super pumped. I mean, moving in with someone you know is yours is taking your relationship to another level." She gushed.

I smiled because she finally found someone that she knows loves her. Because let me tell you, she's been in some horrible relationships and I'm surprised she's even in one right now. No need to offend her. She's my best friend, why would I do that?

My thoughts finally came to a end when Audrey parked in a apartment. It didn't look that cute on the outside but can I say that the inside was incredible. They lightly blue painted walls were tipped off with flowing white curtains. The floors were wood and it was huge.

"It's beautiful Aud." I complemented.

"I know. It's exactly what I was looking for." She sighed happily.

For the next couple of hours we kept going back and forth between houses to pick and drop off things. I hate moving it's exhausting.

I was in the kitchen when I heard Audrey and Dan arguing. They don't usually argue. It's pretty rare.

"I don't know Audrey! You wanted to move here and now your complaining!" Dan roared. I heard footsteps and it was him.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. We're just tired that's all." He said softly.

"Just take a break Danny." I suggested. He nodded his head and walked out. I walked into the room Audrey was in and she looked up to me.

"Come on, I have to take you home." I gave a small nod and grabbed my things.

The car ride was quiet and I wanted it to stay like that.

"I'm coming." She said as she parked the car in front of my house. Once we got in, we went up to the room and both flopped on the bed.

"Was everything okay?" I mean I asked Dan but I wanted to hear it from Aud.

"Just stressed out."

"Wish we could turn back time." I began to sing as a smile appeared on her lips.

"To the good old days." She sang.

"When my mama sang us to sleep when I was stressed out." We ended in a giggle.

"Ooo. Who's hat is that?" She pointed to Luke's SnapBack.

"Mine." I said quickly.

"Where'd you get it?" She said picking up the hat and examining it.

"A friend gave it to me."


"Goodness, what's with the 20 questions?" I asked.

"Who's.. Luke.. Hemmings?" I eyes widen.

"How do you know?" I asked shocked.

"It's in the hat."

Of course Luke would put his name in his hat. It's just something he would do.

"No one." I took the hat quickly out of her hand.

"Hey! That's that guy that sent you flowers right? Hil, what's going on?"

I couldn't keep it away from her.

"Okay. He's a guy I met at the dock when I was in that situation with Zachary and he was just seeing if I was okay."

"By giving you flowers and his SnapBack?" She asked.

"No! I took that on accident." That was kinda a lie but whatever.

"So your gonna give it to him later huh?" I nodded.

"Probably. If he asks for it."

"You know, I wanna meet this Luke Hemmings guy. You seem pretty close with him." She smirked.

"Uh. N-no. We're just friends." I stumbled.

"Hmm. Okay then. But I still wanna meet him."

"Yeah good luck with that."

"Got any plans for tomorrow?" She asked changing the subject.

"No. The usual you know work, then food, then Netflix." I said blankly.

"You should get back to school." She said.

"What? No I can't."

"Yeah you can."

"It's like the middle of the school year. I can't enroll now. Plus I'm just not smart for that stuff." I said softly playing with my fingers.

"Look at me." Audrey said. My eyes glanced up at her.

"You are smart, okay? Yeah you've been in a home that wasn't so great or had relationships that wasn't that terrific either. But those things didn't cause you to lose your education. I never, ever want to hear that again. Do you hear me?" She sternly asked.

"I hear ya."

"Good. You the most smartest girl I've ever met and you can take any challenge given to you."

"Thanks Aud. I really appreciate it but I'm just don't feel right with all those people right now."

"Okay. I won't push you."

"Thank you." I sighed.

"But have you considered online schooling?"

"AUDREY!" I shouted.

"Sorry!" She giggled.


Luke's POV

"I met Luke's girlfriend." Michael smirked as he ate his Panda Express.

We were all eating and I was staring at Mike with such hatred.

"What! How do you get a girlfriend before me?" Calum said.

"She's not my girlfriend." I clearly stated.

"Then what is he talking about?" Cal asked.

"I saw Lukey's crush at the ice cream shop the other day." Michael smirked.

"Is she pretty?" Calum asked. I can't believe they are actually talking about this.

"She's hot dude." Michael smirked once again.

"Okay okay. No more of this already? She's just a friend. And plus, I'm pretty sure she doesn't feel the same way about me anyways." I stated.

"Shut up mate. You better go get you some before someone else does." Cal winked.

"Calpal, she has a boyfriend."

"Oh that's unfortunate but you should take it into thought." I rolled my eyes and we finished eating. Most of the talk was about Hilary and the rest was random.

I went up into my room and a random number called.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey um is this Luke?" The voice asked.

"Yeah, who's this?"

"Um. This is Dan. From high school." My heart stopped.


Hey homies! Hoped you liked the update! Sorry couldn't post last week. I was on a school trip like I said previously but thanks for keeping up and reading. Make sure to like, fav, and comment! I love your comments guys so just keep it comin'! I love you! See you next week! Peace pineapples<3

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