Saved By Him [L.H]

He saved me from


I've been enslaved by his love without even realizing it.


10. Chapter 10

Woah! 10th Chapter let's go!

Hilary's POV

I went down to the dock and sat down at where I usually sat, dangling my feet over the water.

"Hilary!" I turned around to see Luke walking toward me. He had a simple black shirt and pants with SnapBack, which was pretty attractive.

"Hey Luke!" I smiled.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." He said taking a seat next to me.

"Nah. I just got here actually."

"Okay good because that would be rude of me." He smiled. I smiled back at his polite manners.

"Your super polite." I giggled.

"Mama didn't raise no fool." He smirked making me laugh at his remark.

"Your ridiculous." I sighed playfully rolling my eyes.

"So what's up?"

"What do you mean?"

"What's on your mind silly. You didn't call me here for no reason." He added.

"Well maybe I did."

"Oh really?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "Well I guess that means that I can just get up and leave." He said pretending to get up. I shook my head and looked to water.

"I really miss him. That's all." I said.

"Hmm." Was all that he replied.

Luke's POV

She really did miss him. I could see it in her eyes. I just wished he could see how much she loved him. It hurt to see her love being used and not cared for. It would be a fabulous time right now to tell her what's going on but I can't do that to her. And plus, Hilary needs to a break from all the worrying and fear.

"It'll be fine." I said putting a hand on her back. She sent me a smile and looked back to the water.

"Sooo.. How long will he gone for?" I asked.

"About a month. But I'll be fine."

"Okay. You look sad which is making me sad."

"Sorry." She giggled softly.

"C'mon." I got up and she tilted her head confused like.

"What? Where are we going?" She asked.

"We're gonna get some ice cream. You look like you need it." I joked.

She rolled her eyes and nodded her head.

Hilary's POV (sorry for changing so many points of view lol)

He took my hand and was off. His hand felt warm and made my heart flutter and stuff. I don't even know why I feel like this.

We made it to the parking lot but Luke passed both of our cars.

"Wait Luke my car is right there." I said pointing to it as we passed by.

"Why waste gas when the shop is right across the street." He told me as he pointed to the ice cream place.

"That's true." I shrugged.

We ran across the street with all the busy cars driving by and made it to the place.

He opened the door and I slipped out a casual thank you. The place was very colorful, with small children along with families sitting at their tables, enjoying the sweet treat.

"Excuse me sir?" A small blonde boy came up to Luke tapping him.

"Why yes, other sir?" I smiled at Luke's approaching to the little one. Zachary would do everything he could to stay as far away as he could for him.

"Why are you so tall? Your like the size of the trees in my school." Luke bent down so he was at the boy's height.

"Well you see. I have this super power that will make me grow non stop until I want to. And lemme tell you. The taller you are, the more babes you get." He winked with a small chuckle.

"I can tell. You've got a real nice one next to you." The boy whispered. But loud enough for me to hear. After the remark I suddenly turned my head the other way because I knew that my cheeks were red hot. I heard Luke's laugh and I bit my lip.

"What your name?" Luke asked.

"Victor. But everyone calls me Vicky."

"Vicky, I'm Luke and this is my lovely friend Hilary." I waved at Victor and he waved right back.

"Vicky! Let's go young man. I've been looking everywhere for you." A lady with fairly blonde hair and green pale eyes.

"Sorry mommy. I was just talking to Mr. Luke and Ms. Hilary." He smiled.

"I'm sorry. He's a little people's person." She smiled taking his hand.

"No problem. He was nice to talk to." Luke added. Victor said goodbye and was off.

"Your really good with kids." I complemented.

"Thanks. I have a couple of cousins that are that small." He smiled.

"What are you gonna get?" He asked.

"Um. Strawberry with hot fudge and cherry on top. What are you gonna get?"

"Vanilla with sprinkles." He said as I cracked a smile. The line finally disappeared and it was our turn.

"Hi what can I get you?" The lady behind the counter asked. We told her what we wanted.

"Will that be separate pay or together?" She asked.

"Um sep-"

"Together." Luke interrupted.

"Luke what are you doing?"

"Paying for you duh."

"You don't have t-" And he handed her the money.

She handed us our ice cream and we sat at a table.

"You know I was gonna pay for myself right?" I said taking a bite out of the sweet goodness.

"Yep. But I beat you to it." He winked and I rolled my eyes simply.

"So. Do you have any siblings?"

I hated that simple on question. And it was all because of that one day. I could've done so much more to save her.

"Nah. What about you?"

"Two brothers. And they suck." He snickered.

"You should enjoy them while it last." I shrugged. We went over many questions about everything and I felt so relaxed and calm around him. He made everything seem so easy. I wished Zachary would make me feel that way.

No stop it. Stop comparing him to Zachary.

"How does your ice cream taste?" He asked.

"Pretty good." He shut his eyes and opened his mouth.

"Um Luke what are you doing?"

"Feed me some." He said still in the same position he was before. I shook my head and laughed while scooping up some up with my spoon and dumping it in his mouth.

"I should've gotten that instead." He said licking his lips and chuckling.

"Well well, how's it going Luke?" We both looked up.

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