2. 2)

As we get to our first hour we sit down in the middle not to far back not to close. I look at him, "You didn't have to do that back there," he laughs

"Why not?" I bite my lip and look down ,"Your not actually going to me my friend no one ever wants to be my friend! I'm just a girl who gets bullied for being who I am not." He laughs, "Who are you Brook Muysc?" I smile and hand him a slip of paper. He smiles "I'll call you after school and we can go hang with my friends. I want to see who you really are Brook!" I smile and whisper "It's a date!" He doesn't hear me though. Class starts and the teacher smiles at Luke.

"Why hello there sir, would you be the new transfer student?" He nods "That's me!" The teacher laughs "Brighten up lad we do things a lot differently here!" Luke laughs "Yeah you guys do! Hey do you know where the music room is?" The teacher laughs "Music won't get you any where!" I pound my fist on the table and stand up, "I beg to differ mister Salvador! Music is a proven fact to help you do better in school activities! Music can help people more than people can! Music is an escape and I dare you to try and prove someone that music won't get us somewhere! Look around music is all around us no matter what music is there!" The teacher was stunned and just scoffed. I sit down and growl "I hate him!" Luke chuckles "Well that was awkward!" The bell rings 20 minutes later. We walk out and I pack my stuff. Luke walks up to me "Why are you packing?" I smile "Watch and Learn!" I pretend get chemicals in my eyes in the science room. I run to the eye cleaning station but pretend to miss and hit the fire alarm. We run out the school like everyone else. When we get outside we run and run away from the school. When we were far enough away we laugh, "That was awesome!" I nod

"My old friend taught it to me!" He laughs," Your friend sounds awesome!" I chuckle "Yeah he was!" We walk to my house. My mom died years ago and my dad was always away for work. I walked inside and went to my room. Luke was downstairs looking around. I take my uniform of and place fishnet leggings on. Then black shorts. I put my black Ronnie Radke shirt on. I take my wig off and let my pink emo hair fall down. I put my eyeliner on and my combat boots on too. I walk downstairs and smile "Alright where to?" Luke stares at me, "Whoa Brook is that you?" I laugh "Yeah where are your friends that we were gonna hang with?" He laughs "You still look good but uh there at Michael's place let's go!"

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