Song BOOK!

Just a song book. Not sure if any of these songs will be any good. XD


1. Just An Average Girl

I don't know what I'm doing here.
Or why I'm here again
This utter draining that I feel
It's like I'm in a pen
Like a lion walking back and forth
Waiting for its meal
As I watch the light fade out
It filters through the clouds
Every day's a struggle
And sometimes I wish
Yes, sometimes I wish
That I could be a better person
Find a better way
Look a little prettier
Be a little less me
And even though I don't seem like it
I'm just an average girl
But still I'll climb out of this pit
No I don't know what I'm doing here
But the light filters through the clouds
And I'm determined that I'll find a way
Even if I don't make everyone proud
Yes I'm still just a average girl
Trying to find a way
But I know what I want in life
So even if I don't save the day
I'll be okay

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