The life that is full of drama, candies, and sugar

The title says it all people...


1. When best guy friends aren't the best of a friend anymore

Argh, don't you hate it when one of your best guy friend is like the only person who doesn't have to make such a big drama out of everything? The only friend, and I guess basically nearly guy on earth tries and literally avoids drama and all that shit. Yeah, I have that one friend who literally isn't talking to me anymore. Like seriously, what did I ever do to him? He tells everyone that I like him, when in reality and not in his own little world, I actually like one of his friends and not him. And get this... HE KNOWS WHO I TRULY LIKE! It feels like I have been in a trap with him for ages. he has been there for me through my good and bad times at school... he is like my best friend, but also my knight in shining armour... but get this, if you have known the guy for like ages... trust him, but don't trust him truly or fully... sometimes guys and even girls aren't your trusted friends...

so trust friends that are pretty close to you, like literally close to you... because you don't know which people that are going to tell people that will tell your secrets you don't want anyone else to know

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