The life that is full of drama, candies, and sugar

The title says it all people...


10. seriously

 So... I forgotten when I actually updated this book...which is pretty understandable considering that I am balancing my studies and updating and my job and my life and my friendships and my relationships (unfortunately that is in my dreams...being not a creepy person) and at the moment I am in my study period typing this entry or whatever you wanna call it. So my life? Nothing much, just thanking the world that they are still making me live till now, there have been plenty of times where I nearly got hit. but the world thought otherwise!

I don't really understand what people are thinking place that I call school is like has heaps of drama, friendship and relationship problems, a bit of that in one corner and a huge chunk in the other corner. Basically you can not say you have had no drama of some sort in your high school life, because believe everyone experiences at least once or even plenty that they can not remember how many drama scenarios that has happened during their 5 years of high school (I feel so sorry for those grade 7's that have recently joined high school cause now they have 6 years to experience high school...well bad and good luck to them!...I am an Australian person! if you are Australian or have some sort of Australian gene in you well high five!...well technically I am born as an Australian resident...but my appearance is thinking otherwise...I am an Asian...just confirming that) That moment of time in your life...where you can just finally say your life is like the mean girls movie!! omg I can not wait to use that, I am waiting for the perfect moment where I can say at the right moment of time that my life is like the mean girls movie...haha!

To be honest I should be doing school work right now...dddaaaammmmnnn I am procrastinating so well...I should be given a giant golden trophy! omg yes that would be great... woooooooooooowooooo

yeh I am gonna do school work

so that means i'll shut up

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