The life that is full of drama, candies, and sugar

The title says it all people...


3. Random problems

Problems....Where can I start with daily problems? Especially the ones at school.... Don't you hate it when someone asks you if you are ok, but then they start talking shit behind your back? Don't you hate it when your arch enemy
is so nice to you, but then POOF they stab you behind the back. What the hell?! Jesus Christ people, no one has like no respect to yourself... How useful can they be. I mean, I don't want to kill them or anything. But I want people to respect me, my privacy and just basically me. Wouldn't you agree to this? Having people respect to who you truly are, but then yeah... lost of respect.

And then there are some people who just creepily stare at you... Why.Are.You.Staring.At.Me? I know I am pretty and annoying and all, but like please don't stare at me... Oh my gosh and especially boys! My used to be best guy friend and some of his friends in class, stare at me every now and then... and my friends are starting to notice that these creepy boys are staring at me during and outside of class.... Do they like me or something? Or do they hate me, and they are just having conversations about me talking about how stupid and useless I truly am. I mean seriously, it is like the one thing that I truly hate about boys. They stare at you, either thoroughly in hatred or amazement or bored and they have nothing else to look at. What is happening to my life? Everything is like a distraction to me.... Because I have nothing else to think about or look at. And I started to notice to these type of things. Argh I feel so weird.....

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