The life that is full of drama, candies, and sugar

The title says it all people...


9. A chapter i dont really know what to call

Sooooo, its been ages since I even updated a book of mine. and most of my books are like total poop, so whats the point of updating anyway... hehe

I value everyone who reads my books, but I guess I have been so busy I don't really have time to update or even write any thing that is part of any books that I have posted here. So here I am, right now, ranting on and on and on and on and on about how I don't update anything. But seriously? Everyone rants about their life, I mean I feel extremely guilty telling my friends how horrible or how awesome my day was, but they don't really need to know that. But at my school, everyone basically knows how your weekend, or day has been. Creepy or what?! I mean, I know I am talking non stop... but I have noticed that all the boys in my grade (ESPECIALLY MY GRADE) aren't mature yet. everyone has heard the classic saying (or whatever you wanna call it) about how girls mature much faster then boys (which in my opinion is not really true), some of the girls in my grade are like 15 going onto 35, I guess you can say that girls really do grow faster... but these girls are like the bad representative for their family. I really don't get it. And then the boys are just even worse then those girls. they swear, they talk about icky dirty stuff, how long their thing in their pants are (ok im just over dramatizing that one), they talk about girls, which in my opinion is the most annoying thing ever, considering they talk about this certain girl, and how amazing she looks (don't worry im a girl, don't ask how I know these things. I hang out with boys, and believe me whatever I am saying right now, is not even half of it. But then, there are SOME boys who are serious about school, which is like good. but they are so immature, I feel like im actually on the wrong planet.

there are some things I do like about the school... but unfortunately its not that much

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