Whats Mine Is Yours

"If you both want her, how bout you both date her?" Calum said shrugging "your insane Calum" I shook my head. "Actually he has a good point. You could both take her on a date and she can choose who she likes best" Liam smiled. "OK" Luke and I said at once. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Whats mine," he smiled "Is yours."


1. 1


"God damn it Niall! I saw her first you ass hole!" I yelled in his face. "Luke calm the fuck down! We both saw her at the same time!" He yelled, his face turning red. "I don't give two shits, she's mine!" I balled my fists up trying so hard not to kick the shit out of him. "She is not yours! You've only met her once!" He screamed. "You've only met her once too" I mumbled. "Ya but I'm not calling her mine" he glared. "Guys calm down" Calum and Liam spoke. "Who are you guys even fighting about?" I sighed and smiled as I thought about her. "I'll let Luke tell his side of the story first. Then I will" Niall glared at me "alright?" Niall still glared. "Gladly."

*Flash back*

I was in the bar, only one drink in me, when I heard a voice from behind. "Hi" I turned to see a very pretty girl smiling. "Um hi?" I tried to smile back without looking confused. She laughed at my attempt to smile "is this seat taken?" She gestured to the seat beside me. "Oh um no, would you like to join me?" I asked stupidly. She giggled "sure" she sat beside me and smiled. "So um whats your name?" I asked trying to start conversation. "Im Kate, and you must be Luke" she laughed and stuck out her hand to shake. I grabbed her hand and shook. "That I am darling, and I'm pretty sure your not just Kate, your also hot" I fiddled with my lip ring with my teeth after I said that. "Haha. Aren't you sweet" she smiled flashing her white teeth and dimples. "Sometimes" I returned the smile. "Well, I have to go, its getting late, bye!" She said hopping down. "Wait! Can I get your number?" I asked embarrassed. "Yeah sure. Here" she handed me a piece of paper with her digits on it. "One last thing" she said. She faced me and stood on her toes and kissed me. I was about to deepen the kiss when she pulled away and said a quick bye. "Wow" I mumbled.

*flash back end*

"So thats what happened to me. Niall, why don't you tell them your story?" I glanced at him and he smiled. "Why of course Luke."


*Flash Back*

I sat on the couch in the bar by my self waiting for Mark to get out of the bathroom. I looked up when I felt the couch sag a little. "Hi" a girls voice said. I saw a girl with dirty blond hair that went down just past her shoulders, green eyes that were absolutely amazing, and lips that were just big enough. The was wearing a white ruffled crop top and jeans with patches and a flannel sweater tight around her waist. Her shoes were high tops, one blue and one burgundy. She was gorges. "Um hello love. How come a pretty thing like you is sitting next to a n unattractive guy like me?" I said laughing. "Unattractive? I think not. Your the hottest guy I have seen tonight" she shrugged and smiled. Dimples, sexy. "Well thanks love. Same to you, only your a girl" I laughed and she did too. "Well thank you. Oh well I have to go now. Bye" she stood up and I did too. "Wait love, whats your name and number?" I asked. I couldn't let her get away. "Im Kate. and here" she handed me a piece of paper. "One last thing" she said. She leaned in on her tipi toes and kissed me. It was amazing kiss. "Ok bye" she said after pulling away. Wow. Oh my god wow.

*flash back end*

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