The Rescue

A young boy is walking along the side of a river when he hears someone calling for help. Will he act? Or will he walk away?


2. The Rescue

~~Much to the surprise of the onlookers and the drowning man, the young boy jumped into the river. “Help me!!” The man cried. The boy swam towards him, struggling against the current. “What are you all doing just standing there?! Help them!!!” One hysterical woman shrieked. No one did a thing.

They were all frozen in fascination. As the boy reached the man and grabbed his arms, the onlookers cheered.  He peered through the water to see that the man’s leg was stuck in between two rocks. He swam down and tried to pry the man’s legs out from in between them. He began to feel light headed from lack of air. His lungs burned, but he knew he had to save this man. He’d never be able to live with the fact that he didn’t. With a mighty heave, one of the rocks gave way and the man was freed.

The boy swam back up to the surface and took a gulp of air. He grabbed the man’s arm and helped him to the surface as well. The boy assisted the man back to shore and everyone cheered. The man who’d been saved fell down to his knees so he was level with the boy’s vision. “Thank you for saving me. That was very brave.” He said, smiling. The boy shrugged. “No, not really. I was just doing what anybody else would do.” He said modestly. The man laughed. “What’s your name, son?” He asked. The boy smiled. “It’s Andrew. Andrew Beckerman.”

The man smiled. “Three cheers for Andrew!” He cried. The onlookers cheered and the man placed Andrew on his shoulders, parading him around the village. Several onlookers went around, telling everyone the news. People came out of their houses, clapping and cheering, Andrew laughed and waved at them all. He’d never felt so happy in his life. Andrew’s mother ran up to them, her eyes wide. “Andrew, is the news true? Did you save this man’s life?’ She asked. Andrew nodded, laughing. Tears of joy welled in her eyes. “I’m so proud of you Andrew. Your father would be proud too.” Andrew smiled sadly.

Eventually, the crowd of people grew so large that Andrew’s mother was out of sight. When they reached the middle of the town, it seemed that everyone was there. Andrew’s yes grew wide as he looked out on the crowd of people. The man he saved looked up at him and smiled. It wasn’t until then that Andrew recognized the man. It was the mayor. His mouth hung opened and his eyes bugged out.

“So that’s why everyone is so glad. I saved the mayor.” He murmured, grinning. The mayor laughed. “Yeah. You’re a great kid, Andrew. This town will never forget your great act of bravery.” He said. The mayor was right. The event was recorded in the town records. When he twenty, Andrew became mayor. He helped the town in many ways. He was the best mayor the town had ever had.

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