my brothers best friend |Calum Hood|

Marisa Clifford is the sister of Michael Clifford. She's like a sister to all of them except one. Calum Hood


5. please don't leave I'm sorry

Marisa's POV

It's been a week since Michael gave me that letter. I mean I forgave him the second day but I gotta show that I'm not some toy! U can't just leave me in the rain and expect me to come back to u! Like nawww son! Ali left her whole bag  here because her mom called her because apparently she snuck out to see me. So special I know!😏. Anyway so I got dressed in a plain black v-neck shirt and obviously black jean shorts and vans. I went out my room to go to Starbucks to give her,her stuff because she works there. Of course all the boys were there! Wonderful!! 😕. I went down the stairs with the boys eyes on me.I grabbed an apple because the walk is 10 minutes. I was almost at the for when Michael came up to me and hugged me! Woah he never does that. I told him" can u get off me....please" he then cried more and said" no I'm sorry please don't leave" Luke then started singing please don't go and I threw the nearest object at him, a pillow. I started laughing because he thought I was leaving!!! "Umm hate to ruin this moment but I'm not leaving" I told the guys."what-what a-about the bag" he said sobbing. I felt so bad! I did this to him. I then explained the whole thing about the sleepover and how Ali left her clothes because she snuck out. He sighed in relief and I went on my way.
Sorry short chapter but hey least u got one! Only because I got death threats from my bestfriend Katherine.jk jk love her(sometimes😂😂)just kidding i wanted to write for u guys  also sorry bout all the exclamation points. I was feeling happy today
Love always, 
Marisa girrl

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