my brothers best friend |Calum Hood|

Marisa Clifford is the sister of Michael Clifford. She's like a sister to all of them except one. Calum Hood


1. introduction

Hi my name is Marisa Clifford. Michael is my brother and he's in a band and he's got talent so i know he will be famous one day. Michael and i have different dads but mine died so i call michaels dad Dad. ( he treats me like his own daughter so i call Michael my full brother). I have long brown hair with pink faded hair, which I'm dying purple soon. I introduced Michael to my 2 best friends Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin. They  joined the band with Michael and his best friend Calum. I have a boyfriend and his name is Dan. We've been dating for 1 year. I have a best friend named Ali Smith and she's dating Luke!!!! they're my otp!!! We all go to the same school Northwest Christian College (A/N pretend they still go to school) and Ali has long dirty blonde hair which she always curls. 


so this is my first book and i hope u like it and the first chapter sucks sorry :\ comment if u want more               love,


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