my brothers best friend |Calum Hood|

Marisa Clifford is the sister of Michael Clifford. She's like a sister to all of them except one. Calum Hood


4. I like you and I know you like me

I woke up got dressed and went downstairs. All the lads are sitting down waiting for me so I coughed and we all went to the car. Calum sat next to me and texted me some thing

(Calum-C Marisa-M)

C- I like u and I know u like me too

M- ok and u know good to know cal

C-go on a date with me on Friday please look at me


C-just look

I look up and see him doing his little puppy dog face and I just hug him because that was so cute. He then leans down and says" I guess that's a yes cus u just can't resist me" I giggle and nod.

(Past all the school day cus it was boring as shiz)

Michael forgot to pick me up, AND IT WAS RAINING. I'm so fuxking mad at him. I unlocked the door and went to him and slapped him in the back of the head. I off my my scarf I always carry idk y but I poured the water on his head. He gave me wide eyes and started getting up to say sorry. I held my hand up and ran to my room. I soon fell asleep.

Michael POV

I wrote Marisa a note and slid it under her door for when she woke up:

Dear Marisa

I'm so sorry baby girl. I rushed out of school and dragged the boys with me. Please don't be mad. I will never do it again I swear. I guess ur asleep so sweet dreams baby girl



I always call her baby girl cus when I was 5 and she was 4 I saw it off a tv show (that's what our mum told us) and I kept calling her that. The boys left about 5 minutes ago and I went back to my room across of Marisa and fell asleep.

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