my brothers best friend |Calum Hood|

Marisa Clifford is the sister of Michael Clifford. She's like a sister to all of them except one. Calum Hood


3. he he he cheated

Marisa's POV

Dan picked me up and was crying. I was worried so i asked''babe whats wrong'' he told me ''I'm sorry i thought it was you at the bar and i i slept with her and now shes pregnant.'' When he said the end he sounded happy so i asked'' was it a mistake or did u like it'' Of course he said he liked it and didn't like me he was just using me as a rebound. We hadn't left yet so I ran out of his car and went to his side of the car and started punching him but I didn't want to kill the guy so I stopped. After I unlocked the door Michael and friends were still there. Great!! not. He saw me and started to get up but I ran upstairs and locked my door. He started yelling telling me to not do it and i froze. *flashback*

I was 16 years old and my nana just died from cancer. She was my only friend because i was bullied and she helped me.My friends Katherine and Sanaa left six years ago but we still talk but they were sleeping.  (Shes my dads wife's mom but after he died I never saw his wife again) As soon as I found out i went to my bathroom and found my razor. I pulled my pants down and started making ten cuts. I heard a gasp and saw Michael standing there with flowers. He dropped them and ran over to me and wiped his and my tears away. We both agreed not to tell anyone

*flashback over*

Only Michael, Me, Ali, and my best friends Katherine and Sanaa knew about it . I went to wipe my tears and unlock my door. When i opened my heart melted Michael was on the ground sobbing. He looked up and I ran to him. I pulled him into my room and sat him on my bed. I changed into my pajamas. He smiled because he knew I didnt cut. "I'm not cutting ever again Nana wouldn't want me to"I smiled. "But the he he he cheated on me'' he then told me " I love you and i know ur only a year younger than me but I'm protective of u because you have been hurt to many times and he's gonna get killed and ur like my baby I just to squish ur cheeks and hold u all day long " he said that in a creepy way. I said " i  love u too big bro" I also called Ali  Sanaa and Katherine if u don't mind" I jumped up and hugged him. I haven't seen Katherine and Sanaa in 7 years because they had to move ( they're sisters but were all like sisters thats how close we are). They came home 2 days ago and I've been waiting to see them. ''Good thing its a Saturday go ahead and see them they're already here'' Michael said. I ran downstairs and screamed at the top of my lungs " KATHERINE AND SANAA AND ALI MY BABBBBBBBBBYYYYYYSSSS WHERE HAVE U BEEEEEENNNNN OOOOOHHHH HAVE I MISSED U COME HUG MAMA". They all hugged me and the boys were looking at me weird. But luke and Ashton joined because Katherine was dating Ashton and Ali was dating Luke. I told Michael and Calum to join so they weren't left out. Let's just say me and the girls didn't go to sleep until 4 am because before K and S left the 4 of us were planning to be a band. We were young but we're serious now. IM SO HAPPY NOTHING CAN RUIN IT.

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