my brothers best friend |Calum Hood|

Marisa Clifford is the sister of Michael Clifford. She's like a sister to all of them except one. Calum Hood


2. Calum has a crush but he's jealous

Marisa's POV

I was at home sleeping and I heard people screaming as loud as drunk people. I put on a sweatshirt because I was sleeping in leggings and a sports bra.  So I unlocked my door and almost died because I tripped down the steps. 😂 I yelled " Michael I swear if u don't shut the fuxk up I will kill u with a very sharp carrot." I heard Michael yell "I have friends over come meet them please risssss". He knew I hated that nickname so I ran upstairs back in my room and went back to sleep.

Michaels POV

After Marisa went back upstairs me and the lads went to go wake her up because we wanted food. Her door was locked so I had a key muahhhahahha and yelled" WAKE UP WE WANT FOOD" she jumped up and fell off her bed to her fluffy carpet. We started laughing but she didn't move. I got worried so I pushed her and I heard snores. I yelled again and she woke up. "WHAT THE FRICK TO DO U WANT SMURF GUY!!!!" She yelled. I nodded over to my friends because I noticed something, she was was wearing a black sports bra and some leggings that showed her boobs and butt. I quickly got a blanket and covered her but Calum was still staring. I yelled "Calum stop staring at my sister"! Calum muttered a sorry. After that we went back downstairs. Awkward.

Marisa POV

After they left I went to call my boyfriend Dan and my best friend Ali. I got dressed in a black all time low shirt and black jeans and black vans. I put my brown and faded pink hair in a bun, and put on my glasses.  I went down stairs   And Michael and his friends were still there. Michael asked where I was going and I told him waiting for Dan to pick me up so we can see Ali. SHIT!!! I forgot Michael doesn't know I have a boyfriend! Michael asked more like yelled "WHO THE FRICK IS DAN!!!" "Uuuuuuuhh my my my boyfriend?" It came out ask a question I said. Michael and his Asian looking friend who's name was Calum I guess said "WHAT" I saw Michael look at Calum as if he were crazy . As I was looking around the room I saw Luke,Ali's boyfriend and my bestfriend . Then he gave me our signature look: pouty face. Which means I'll see u and Ali later. I just nodded. I heard a car honk so I ran out the house to Dans car to get Ali.

Michaels POV

"Im gonna kill Dan I swear I'm gonna kill him if he hurts my sister and uses her like he does to everygirl" I yelled in frustration. Luke Ashton and Calum all told me to calm down. I looked into Calums eyes and saw jealousy and lust?!! I then yelled"OMG CALUM U HAVE A CRUSH ON MY SISTER NOOOOOO STAY AWAY FROM HER SHES MY LITTLE 17 YEAR OLD BABY STAY AWAY FROM HER U 18 YEAR OLD" in a joking matter of course. He started to blush. I have to set them up😏😏😏😏😏

First chapter comment if u want more



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