What it's like on the first day of school

My first day at school enjoy reading


1. My first day

Hi so I've been surrounded by thoughts on what is going too happen at my new secondary school. Oh, my names Clem by the way. The thoughts keep coming back to me! I don't know what to do and there is only 2 weeks left! Help I don't know any one that is there so I'm positive I will get bullied and..... you guys will only be there to help. I keep dreaming as if I were to go to the wrong class at the wrong time, go to a class to early,or be late, and what if I get lost and no one is there to help.

​That was just a real life thing  that could happen to you or your friends in high school and I just want y'all to know we all are here for you 

Peace out

Made by pizza123 this is  just a skit!


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