Kidnapped ~5SOS

Suddenly, during a long car ride, their tires blew out unsuspectedly. With no help or any place to go, the boys are left with nothing but hope to escape their killer.


1. Chapter 1

We were all piled in the car, Luke and Calum sat in the middle of the van, Ashton and I say in the back. John, our security guard sat in the passenger seat beside our driver, Kevin. It was eleven thirty at night and we were on our way back to the hotel when Kevin made a wrong turn and we ended up lost. Ashton and Calum began making up scenarios, "Will this be the end of 5Sause? Will they ever make it to the hotel alive or will they live the rest of their lives trapped in a white mini van? Will they grow old, with a beard and hearing loss? Or will they be found by a beautiful, blonde angle?" I ignored the boys, playing Dragon Ball Z on my iPhone while Luke faded them out by leaning on the window listening to music through his earphones.

I wasn't bothered by the music choice Kevin picked on the radio, playing Luke Bryan, but I stuck in my own earphones and played a little bit of AC/DC. Drowning out Ashton and Calum, Luke Bryan, and John arguing with Kevin about directions, I ended up falling asleep against the head rest.


The sound of a loud bang and the car swerving brought the boys and I attention clearly. As soon as we came to a halt in the ditch in the middle of no where, we all unbuckled our seat belts and checked each other for any damage, sadly Kevin and John were passed out, but as for us, we were fine. "What happened?" Luke finally asked. "I'm not sure, I think we blew a tire." Ashton answered "let's check it out." We all followed Calum out the door, stretching our arms and torsos, then around the car to check out the problem. "Huh, that's weird, both tires are blown." "How can that be?" Luke asked again, making me feel back for the guy. "Hey guys, is that a bullet?" Calum picked up a silver object beside the right tire and gave us a closer look. "What the heck? Who would do this?" My turn for asking questions. "Don't jump to conclusions Michael, we're not even sure someone shot at us, that could of been there from some other time." "Actually, Ash, it's still hot. Like it's just been shot." Calum replied, worried. Luke shivered and turned around, afraid of what he was listening too, listening to the conclusion of being shot at and possibly supposed to die. "Luke, go back to the van." Ashton said, noticing Luke's tense.

He listened.

"Who shot at us? And why?" Calum said, pocketing the bullet for evidence. "This makes no sense." Ashton said, scratching his three day beard. "Makes no sense? It makes perfect sense, someone shot at us to kill us and sadly we're alive, that usually causes problems for the killer. We need to get out of here before they come back." "How Michael? We're in the middle of no where, nothing but trees and road." "I'll take that over sitting in the van waiting on some dumb killer to finish us off." I said, getting in Calum's face. "Woah boys, let's just call 911 and tell them what happened, they'll help us out." Ashton patted down his pockets finding nothing. Calum and I glanced at each other and patted ourselves down, nothing. "Maybe they fell out during the crash, Luke might have his phone." Calum turned around and back to the van.

It wasn't even thirty seconds until we heard Calum call to us in a tone we would have never thought to hear come out of his mouth, shrill scream. Ashton and I took off for the van, but as soon as we got there, both Calum and Luke were gone. "What the heck? Where did they go?" Ashton asked worried, glancing around frantically. I searched through John and Kevin's pockets, looking for a phone. Nothing. Luckily, knowing Kevin, he hides a emergency phone under the seat. "Got it!" I said, sitting up with a smile. "Michael!" Was the last thing I heard Ashton scream before blacking out.

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