The place we go


1. a life as a lose

They all run in to me left and right, it is like that don't see me. 'Hi I am Alyssa the one and only nerd of 2015 that is what that say, it is not the best but I understand why. I work at a computer shop on the out skirts of Vancouver ,BC live in a small house with only my dad. My mom died of cancer 2 years ago I was only 14 at the time.

Dad- Alyssa I am going out for a bit I will be back later, here is some money for food

Alyssa- ok dad love you ,

Wean my dad leaves I go up stairs to my gaming computer my mom bought me before she died. I think I play games because I am trying not to think of mom, well I think about her but I don't rely like to because I start to tear up. I miss her to much and I want to be strong but it is hard when you just sit on front of a scene all day, But I am trying.

For a while I sit in front of the computer and play some MMO game. I started to get hungry so I looked up on my phone the pest place to eat. I found a place that has amazing burgers, it is 15 minute walk from my house on 16st so it is close to everything.


Let me know what you think and if you like it so far let me know if I should keep writing, if you have any idea for the next chapter please let me know, xoxo love you all

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