Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


38. Werewolves

Eunkyung took no more than three steps into the boy’s house before she was being smothered with love. Bambam and Youngjae had bolted out of the living room and tackled with with the biggest hug in the world. The first time the boys had done this, Eunkyung had frozen and stuttered for half an hour before she could calm herself down. But after her many visits to the house to hang out with the boys, it had become something she expected, even looked forward to, when she went to their house. It reminded her that she wasn’t alone any more.


A hand too her own and gently pulled her our of the group hug. Eunkyung glances toward the source and smiles. Yugyeom responded in kind and, for a moment, they just stayed there locked in each others gaze.


Then the moment was broken when Bambam latched back onto her arm.


“Eunkyung!” He tugged on her arm like a little kid. “We were playing Super Smash Bros before you got here! Wanna join us?”


She nodded and let herself be dragged to the living room by the excited boy. Yugyeom trailed after them with a content smile on his face.


He was still nervous about how she’d react, but she was still treating them the same as she always did. That had to be a good sign.




Bambam settled on the floor, graciously telling Eunkyung she could have his spot on the couch. Youngjae sat next to her and was chattering away happily about the new character he was trying to master. Yugyeom settled on the other side of her and Eunkyung had to straighten up slightly to try to not show how flustered she felt when she realized that their thighs touched.


Bambam handed Eunkyung and Yugyeom controllers and quit the match he and Youngjae had been in the middle of.


“It was obvious I was going to win anyways.” He explained to Eunkyung despite Bambam’s protests. “Now that you’re here, we might as well just start a new match.”


The character selection menu came up and the new pair connected the controllers. After picking their characters, Bambam picked a random stage and cheered as the match was loading.


While they played, neither Eunkyung or Yugyeom noticed, but the began to lean on each other, subconsciously wanting to be close to each other.




After one particularly dirty match where Bambam and Youngjae ganged up on Yugyeom and knocked him out repeatedly while Eunkyung tried (and failed) to help him, JB poked his head into the living room.


“Dinners almost ready!” He told them. “Go wash up. And Bambam, would you mind setting the table?”


When the game had been put away and the food was on the table, everyone gathered around the table and began to eat.


Well, if you could call it that.


The boys shoved food down their throat faster than Eunkyung could reach for it. The Maknae’s were arguing over either or not Ike was over powered. 


“Here,” Yugyeom distracted her for a moment and pushed some of the side dishes closer to her. “Grab some before they eat it all. We’ve never had leftovers before.”


“Thank you,” She smiled at him and dished some of the food onto a small plate. When she placed a dish down after scooping out her share, it was immediately snagged by one of the boys and devoured instantly.


It wasn’t like they weren’t well feed, but with 7 active guys in the house who burned off more calories than they could eat, food went fast.


“Eunkyung!” Youngjae called to her. “What are you doing in school?”


Youngjae always asked her that. Like the rest of the boys, he had been homeschooled. He was always so interested in what it was like at a normal school. Eunkyung was amused by his enthusiasm about it even though he had gotten his diploma already.


“Well, in American History we’re looking at their Civil War.”


“Really? They had a civil war? What caused it?”


“Well,” Eunkyung thought back to her readings from the night before. “A lot of little things piled up until there was a lot of tension in between the North and South regions. The war was the most deadly war the USA has ever been involved in.”


“Hm…” Youngjae mused over something as he chewed on some kimchi. “If it wasn’t over one thing in particular, why didn’t they just talk it out? It might have been one big misunderstanding.”


Eunkyung smiled at Youngjae’s naivety. “There was a bit more to it than that, but that’s not a bad idea Youngjae. I feel like a lot of hatred comes from misunderstanding other people and their culture.”

There was a lull in their conversation that lined up with a silent truce between the boys fighting over Ike’s hard hitting moves. The table was quiet except for the sound of chopsticks clicking.


Jr turned to JB, who had been quiet the whole time, and nodded meaningfully at him. Mark shifted in his chair awkwardly and stiffened, like he knew what was being said in their silent conversation.


It was time.


“So, Eunkyung,” JB started. She looked up from her food. “There’s something we want to tell you.”


Eunkyung straightened up and put her chopsticks down, giving him her full attention. “What’s up?”


“I’m sorry we’ve been keeping this from you but I hope you’ll understand why we had to. We needed to know if we could trust you. And we do and we like you a lot. So please keep this a secret.”


“Of course…” Eunkyung nervously fiddled with her own hands. “I don’t think anything could change my opinion of you. Well, unless it’s really terrible, I guess.”


Yugyeom stared at the table with wide, terrified eyes, trying not to freak out.


“So, Um, yeah. We’re werewolves.”


“Oh my god!” Jr exploded and turn on JB. “‘We’re werewolves?’ That’s how you tell her? No backstory, no warming her up to the idea, no explanation? Just. We’re. Fucking. Werewolves?”


Jackson was laughing so hard he was wheezing and Bambam was wiping tears from his eyes. Even Yugyeom, who was terrified of Eunkyung rejecting werewolves and therefore him, managed to giggle a bit.


As they all laughed, Eunkyung considered everything she knew about werwolves from Jungkook and everything Minji had spoken of. Werewolves were dangerous, she knew that. They had torn Jungkook’s life and inspired so much rage in him that he dedicated his life to eradicating them. 


But looking at the laughing boys in front of her, who had cared for her and been her friend, she couldn’t feel the way Jungkook did about werewolves.


To Eunkyung, the werewolves in front of her found family.


When the boys finally settled down and looked at her expectantly, Eunkyung simply smiled at them.

“Thank you for telling me.” Then she picked up her chopsticks again and resumed eating.


The boys stared at her in silence.


That was not what they had been expecting.


“That-That’s it?” Yugyeom asked nervously.


Eunkyung nodded with a mouthful of rice.


“No ‘how dare you keep this a secret from me’ or ‘get away from me you could beast’ or ‘stop playing jokes on me’?”


Eunkyung shook her head and swallowed before elaborating. “You’re werewolves, so what? You still my neighbors and friends. Just because you turn into an animal in the full moon doesn’t mean I’m not going to want to hang out with you anymore.”


“Why are you so calm about this?” JB asked. “Is it because of the hunters?”


“Hm, yeah. They weren’t really an unbiased resources but they got me use to the idea. Minji was the one who really helped me understand werewolves and humanoids and all that.”


The mixture of responses she gets to that were very interesting. Jr and JB both nod in understanding while Yugyeom scoffs at Minji’s mention. Jackson on the other hand, gets excited.


“You’ve met Minji?” He asked. “I haven’t seen her in forever! How’s she doing?”


“I can’t believe she gave you her whole ‘humanoid’ monologue.” Yugyeom rolled his eyes. “She’s so full of it.”


Seeing Eunkyung surprise at the different reactions, Youngjae leaned over and whispered a quick explanation. “Witches have  mixed reputation. Some people think they stick their noses where they don’t belong and act too much like they are the only voice of the nonhuman species. Witches are very powerful too, so so people grow up fearing them. But other wolves have had diplomatic relationships with them for a long time and accept their place in our community.”


“But regardless of what individual wolves believe, witches do play an important role in the diplomacy of ‘humanoids’ or ‘nonhumans’.” JB cut in.


“How so?” Eunkyung was totally interested in all of this. She had a rare opportunity to learn about this whole world she didn’t even know.


“Minji told you about us going into hiding after the human population grew too large, right?” JB asked and Eunkyung nodded. “Well, it wasn’t as all of us hiding out in a cave for a few years. We had to find places that different creatures could live in. You can exactly leave the mermaids in the middle of the desert right?


“So the witches few around on their brooms and found good remote places for different creatures to go. They helped transport them and made sure they settled well. How ever, this meant that some creatures that are natural enemies had to live in the same place since humans had claimed so much land.


“In instances like this, a witch is stationed on a boarder that run in the middle of the territory and acts as mediator between them. It’s the witches job to manage any disputes and lead any meetings held meetings between the groups.”


“Basically the witch is the mom trying to get her kids to stop fighting.” Bambam chimed in.


“Okay, but I remember you guys moving in when I was younger. Do packs migrate?”


“No,” Jr took over this question. “We’re a recently formed pack. Some of us left our birth packs, some of us were lone wolves, the rest of us were childhood friends who decided to leave the nest.”


Jackson made a face at his choice of metaphor. “But wolves don’t have nests.”


Jr set down his chopsticks with a thud and glared at him. 


“The rest of us were childhood friends who decided to leave the nest.” He emphasized.


“Are lone werewolves the same as lone wolves?” Eunkyung interjected before they started to fight.


“Pretty much,” Mark took over when Jr and Jackson were too busy sassing each other to hear he question. “They’ve either been exiled from their pack or abandoned at birth. They normally don’t survive very long on their own though.”


“Yeah, lone wolves are really scary.” Youngjae shutter. “They’re always really violent since they don’t know who to trust.”


“And what about the myths?” Eunkyung charged on. “Like silver bullets and the full moon? What’s true and what’s not?”


“Silver bullets suck!” Yugyeom cried. “Normally werewolves regenerate and heal really quick, but silver bullets really hurt us and they like, weeks to heal.”


“And don’t worry about the full moon, Eunkyung.” Mark spoke up and put his hand on her arm. “We do turn into wolves and we are dangerous, but we’re really careful about it. We lock ourselves in our basement and wait it out. Ever since we moved here, we’ve never had a problem with being out of control.”


Eunkyung smiled reassuringly at them. “I believe you. I’ve lived by you so long and I never even suspected you were werewolves. That means what you do is working.


“And besides,” She tucked her hair behind her ear bashfully. “I feel safe around you guys.”



A/N: You know, I honestly tried to make the reveal serious, but it just didn't suit them? Like GOT7 is too silly for them to spend more than a few moment being serious. This felt a lot more natural. Anyways! 


Now, I know what you're thinking,

"Sunny, how many more chapters can I expect?"


And I finally have an answer to that! There's actually not that many left! We're about 5-8 chapters from the ending! We're almost there you guys!


Anyways, thank you so much for all your support, and I'll see you guys next update!

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