Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


36. Welcome Home

The forest was once more a blur around Eunkyung as the Minji drove her home. But even as they entered the part of the forest that Eunkyung knew well, everything seemed so different.


A witch was driving the car she was in and she could talk to the trees. There were werewolves in her forest and she had saved the life of one. There was a whole world that ran parallel to her own that Eunkyung had never known about. The forest would never look the same to her again.


The car rumbled to a stop in front of the Yugyeom’s house.


“Where do we go from here?” Minji asked her.


“I’ll walk from here.” Eunkyung said as she unbuckled herself. “I live next door.”


“You sure? I don’t mind driving a bit more.”


Eunkyung smiled and shook her head. “I’ll be fine. I think some fresh air would do me some good anyways.”


After saying their good byes, Eunkyung began to walk down the path between her and the boy’s house. She paused when she reached the point where she could see their house’s front porch. 


Jungkook hadn’t given her a chance to tell the boys where she was going. Were they worried about her sudden vanishing act? Would they be upset with her?


Suddenly the front door opened and Bambam stepped out on the porch. He turned around and locked the front door. But then he froze, like he could sense her eyes on him and turned to survey the area. He swept his eyes through the garden before locking gaze with Eunkyung.


The boy suddenly beamed and jumped off the porch to come running to her.


“Eunkyung!” He shouted and tackled her with a big hug.


“Oh my gosh! I missed you so much! We were getting really worried when you stopped turning up and we tried going over to your house but you weren’t answering and it kinda seemed like you weren’t home? But what’s really important is that you’re finally back home! Did you go on a trip or something like that?”


Bambam’s chattering at the speed of leaves Eunkyung reeling for a second. She gives him a squeeze before pulling back from the hug. 


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I wasn’t going to be around. I had to go spend some time at a classmates house.” 


Well, that wasn’t a total lie.


“Oh really?” Bambam asked curiously. “Why? What happened?”


“Some stuff happened and they needed me to spend some time with them.” She said vaguely.


That was more of a lie.


Bambam gave her a bit of a strange look, but he was tactful enough to drop the subject.


“That’s not really the important thing I guess.” He reached out an exactly clasped her hands inches own. “Since your home now, can you come for dinner tonight? We all really missed having you over!”


Eunkyung smiled fondly at Bambam’s enthusiasm. She really did like all the boys next door.


“I’d love to have dinner with you guys. I missed you guys too.” She shifted her heavy bag on her shoulder. “Just let me go home and get settled back in. I’ll come by in a few hours.”


“Yay!” Bambam cheered and wrapped her up in a big hug before waving good bye and running back into the house.


Eunkyung watched him go with a giggle of amusement before heading back to her house.




Bambam burst into the werewolves house at the speed of light and slammed the door behind him. 


“Guess what?!” He yelled into the house, loud enough that his pack would be able to hear him no matter where they were in the house. “Eunkyung’s home!”


All of a sudden, the quiet house was filled with the sounds of scuffling as the whole pack started running to Bambam.


“Seriously?” Youngjae was the first to stumble out from the kitchen with an excited expression on his face. “She’s back?”


JB popped his head out of the hallway. “Is she okay?”


Yugyeom charged into the front room so fast he almost his socks almost slipped on the hardwood floor.


“Did the hunters do anything to her? Why hasn’t she been home?” He demanded.


The whole pack gathered around Bambam and bombarded him with questions about the wellbeing of their friend.


“She’s fine!” Bambam spoke over them and they all quickly quieted down. “She said she was spending some time at a classmate’s house.”


Yugyeom didn’t seemed convinced.


“But she’s never done that before. I didn’t think she was very close with any of her classmates.”


Bambam hesitated for a moment before slowly speaking. “I’m just telling you what she said but… She smelt like hunters.”


The entire pack froze.


“Do you think she…?” JB trailed off.


“I think she spent some time with them but I don’t know if she knows anything. She agreed to come over for dinner tonight, at the very least. Why would she agree to come into our home if she had hunter sentiments? Wouldn’t she be scared of us?”


“I don’t know.” JB ran a stressed hand through his hair. “I guess we’ll find out tonight.”


“If there’s one thing I know for sure,” Jr spoke up. “It’s that we should tell her the truth before it’s too late. If she is spending time with the hunters and they are telling her the truth, then it’s only a matter of time before they tell her the truth about us. We should be the ones to tell her that we’re werewolves so she hears straight from us and doesn’t have any room to doubt that we don’t want to hurt her.”


JB nodded in agreement. “I’m concerned that if we wait to long she’ll side with the hunters. The longer we hide the truth from her, the worse it looks.”


“But what if she’s a hunter…” Jackson asked. “I mean, the hunter was at her house and now she’s spent the week with them? I like her a lot but we have to think of worst case scenarios here.”


Suddenly Yugyeom, who had been silent, glared at Jackson before matching down the hall and slamming his bedroom door loudly behind him.


JB watched him got with a sigh.


There was a pause before the pack leader spoke softly. “If Eunkyung does have hunter sentiments and she does prove to be dangerous, then we’ll have to be ready to either fight, or run.”




Eunkyung sighs when she sees her mailbox poking out through the brush at the side of the road. She was almost there. The driveway to her house was well hidden by the thick trees of the forest and her mailbox was the only way you could tell her house even existed. Stopping at the mailbox, she grabbed the large stack of junk mail that had collected in her time away and shoved it into her duffle bag so she could deal with it when she got home.


When she looks up, she sees a sleek black car with its window rolled down idle running in her drive way. She froze before groaning and quickly running toward it.


“Sorry dad!” She called out to the driver. “I forgot what day it is!”



A/N: I want to thank you all so much! Silver Rose turned one year old today and It's honestly come so much further than I thought it would. It's 40,000 words long with serveral thousand fews and more than 100 comments and that's so wild to me. Silver Rose started out as an experiment and grew into a problem cild but you all still give it so much love and support! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragment along the way. Without you guys, Silver Rose would have become an old dusty draft hidden in the harddrive of my computer for the rest of time.

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