Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


8. Two Cheeseburgers

The library in Eunkyung's town was an old refurbished house. It was the first house built in the town a hundred years ago when it was founded and was a historical marker. The city had bought it after the last in the family line passed away and turned it into the city's library to preserve it's history. Each room was a different section and had a table in it to sit at while you read. The fantasy section was originally the first bedroom at the top of the stairs.

Eunkyung lived in the woods surrounding the small, isolated town so she had to drive there. Normally, she walked everywhere she went but it would take 40 minutes to get there and she's have to walk back home in the dark. It just wasn't worth it. She had an old truck that she had bought second hand. The milage was bad enough that every time she used it, she could hear her wallet crying but she drove so rarely that it didn't really matter at the end of the day.

She hopped into her truck and when she turned the key in the ignition it roared to life. The drive only took 10 or so minutes. When Eunkyung parked in front of the library she suddenly froze as she realized what she was doing. 

It had been five years since the last time she had done anything other than get groceries in town let alone meet up with a classmate. Nerves washed over her. How did you interact with people again? What was she suppose to say when she saw him? What if she forgot some social nuance during her period of mourning? What if she offended him and she'd have to spend the rest of the unit working with someone who hated her? What if everything went well? What did she say to him when she wanted to go home?

Eunkyung mechanically turned off the ignition and locked the truck behind her. She forced herself to walked toward the library, even if part of her was screaming to turn back, to face this beast another day.

How sad was it that meeting a classmate was enough to make her heart race and her palms sweat with fear?

But she still opened the front door to the old house. Eunkyung glanced around the foyer. Jungkook wasn't there but she hadn't been expecting that. He had told her that he'd meet her upstairs in the fantasy section. At the foot of the stairs, she took a deep, stealing breath before slowly climbing up to the second floor.

The door that led to the fantasy section was propped open. Eunkyung stood to the side of the entryway. She leaned over and peeked into the room.

At first, she didn't see anyone. The room looked empty. The shelves were crammed full of old, worn out library books and the room smelt of musty pages.

Should she wait for him? Or would that be rude? What he suppose to be here first? Or is he on his way? Was he even going to show up? What if she got the date wrong? Maybe they were suppose to meet up tomorrow or later this week. Or what if he meant a different library? Did she go to the wrong library?

She pulled out her phone, her thoughts racing a mile a minute and looked at the message he had sent her.

Jungkook: Do you want to meet at the library downtown to work on our project?

Eunkyung: Perfect! I'm free all week so let me know when you want to meet up.

Jungkook: Can we work on some tonight? I have some other things I need to do later this week.

Eunkyung: Yeah, that's perfect! Let me grab a quick snack and I'll be right over.

Jungkook: Meet me on the second floor. I'll be at the desks at the fantasy section.

Nope. He was definitely suppose to be here. But he wasn't? Did something happen to him? Did he get into an accident on his way over? What if he was hit by a car and-

A sneeze interrupted her thoughts before they could get any wilder.

It came from behind a shelf in the small room. Then there was a slight shuffle and the sound of a book being taken off the shelf. 

Jungkook walked out from behind the shelf and went over to the desks.

Eunkyung sighed in relief.

She slowly entered the room. Jungkook glanced up from the book he had begun to leaf through and smiled when he saw her. She sat down across the table from him and smiled slightly back.

"Hey, sorry to keep you waiting." Eunkyung said as she pulled out her notebook and pencil bag.

"It's okay," He flipped open his own his own notebook. Shoved in between the scrawl covered pages was a crinkle paper. He unfolded it and tried, to no success, to smooth out the creases."I have a copy of the instructions."

"Me, too." Eunkyung pulled out a folder from her bag and shifted through the papers for a few minutes before pulling out her pristine copy. 

Jungkook looked slightly deflated and tried to causally hide his own sheet under his open notebook.

Their project was to do a presentation to the class about the various practical applications of magnets in everyday life. It was simple enough but very tedious. About an hour an a half into flipping through out of date book and searches on the even more out of date library computers, Eunkyung found herself looking a the same paragraph and rereading it over and over again without having any idea what was trying to say. Beside her, Jungkook had obviously checked out a while ago and was listening to his music, feet tapping with the beat, while staring blankly at the book in front of him. 

Eunkyung rubbed her eyes and leaned closer to the computer screen, hoping to chase away her fatigue. It was only when Jungkook and her yawned at the same time that they decided to call it a day.

They both packed up their things and left the building together. When they reached the parking lot, they both paused for a moment, not quite sure how to say good bye.

"Well," Eunkyung started but Jungkook spoke at the same time.

"Wanna go eat dinner?" He blurted out.

There was a beat and a blush rose to his face as he rushed to elaborate.

"N-Not as a d-date! I-I just thought it'd be nice to eat something after studying for so long!" Jungkook was looking down at the ground, his bangs covering the top half of his face from Eunkyung at her angle, and he held himself stiffly. "I-I know a cafe nearby that has really good soup and I know one of the employees so we can get a discount!"

Eunkyung smiled. Working on the project with him had actually be pretty nice. Being around people wasn't as hard as it had been just a month ago and going out sounded like a nice change of pace.

"That sounds great! I'm starved."

Jungkook grinned back at her shying and he gave her the address to the cafe so they could both drive their cars over there. Eunkyung waved to him as she got in her truck and let him leave the parking lot first.

In her excitement to do something she hadn't done in a long time, Eunkyung had forgotten about a certain wolf waiting for her return.

A/N: Poor Yugyeom... He must be so bored all by himself... *Pouts* Luckily, he won't be alone for very long!! ;D

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