Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


18. To Stand In HIs Way

Wind swept through the graveyard and scattered leaves and raindrops. Eunkyung’s hair blew around his face, covering it, and she made no room to push it out of her face. Mingled with the rain on her face was tears that she never let fall anywhere else.


“I-I miss you so much, Mom.”  She said through her sobs. “I feel so alone.”


The stone bearing her mother’s name in front of her remained unmoved.


The rain began to lighten. Eunkyung leave against the headstone, tilted her head toward the sky, and let the cleansing rain wash over her.


“Well…” She started. “It has been getting easier lately.”


She could practically hear her mother warm laugh and asking, “So there’s a boy, is there? Do tell.”


Eunkyung let out a weak, breathy laugh. “It’s not like that though. He’s not even a friend really.”


She looked off at cleared out field in from of her and watched the rain make it dance. 


“His name is Yugyeom, he’s one of the boys next door I’ve told you about. He’s pretty nice. But I haven’t really talked to any of them much. Yugyeom’s the one I see the most of. He get the mail at the same time as me. He always invites me over to dinner with them on Friday but I’ve never agreed to over before now.”


She sighed.


“It’s weird. I’ve lived next to these boys for years and I only know one of them by name. After you- After you passed away,  it’s like I stopped. I-I just froze in place. The house looks the same. I still wear the same clothes, read the same books, listen to the same music, eat the same things. Everything is the same except you aren’t here, Mom. Everyone else has moved on and grown up but I’m still stuck in the past when I had you.”


Eunkyung chocked up and was quiet for a minute where she tried not to cry.


“B-But I can’t keep living like this. It’s not healthy. So, I need to try new things. That’s why I’m going over next door this Friday. These guys have been trying to look after me for years and I was too stubborn and stuck in the past to accept. So, I’m going to try to be their friend.


“And I hope I’ll be able to function again. You know. Like a normal proper person. I want to live again.”




Yugyeom crouched low to the forest floor in his wolf form as he watched Eunkyung visit her mother. She was talking about something to her mother. He was far enough the he could hear her as a respect to her privacy but he was waiting for her to fall silent.


He wanted to comfort her. He had seen her do this for years, ever since her mothers death, entirely on her own. Every time it rains, she visit her mother and tell her how she’s doing.


But he had never been able to approach her before. Yugyeom couldn’t exactly force his way into such private moment and as a wolf he’d only scare her. 


But now she knew him as a wolf and trusted him.


Even if it was only as a wolf, he wanted to be be there for her. 


When Eunkyung grew silent and just looked blankly at the forest, waiting for the rain to stop, Yugyeom made his move.


Not wanting to scare her, He slowly made his way to the edge of the forest and waited until she saw him. When she did, she quickly stood up with wide eyes.


“Wolfie…?” She said in wonder. “Is that… Is that you?”


Yugyeom slowly made his way pasted all the graves and stopped in front of Eunkyung. He leaned over to her hand, careful no to make any sudden moves to spook her, and gently licked the back of her hand.


“Wolfie!” She cried and wrapped him up in a big hug. “I missed you!”


Yugyeom felt a warmth in his chest and he licked her cheek. 


“But what are you doing here…?” She furrowed her brows and studied him.


Yugyeom turned away from her and walked toward her mother’s grave. He stretched his paws out in front of himself and bowed to her in respect before laying down in curling up at the grave stone. He looked at her expectantly and leaned over to lap at her arm.


“Oh… Are you here… To keep me company?”


He stopped licking her and let out a happy bark.


Eunkyung covered her mouth with her hand and then placed it over her heart, touched by the wolf’s kindness. 


“Thank you,” She whispered as she started to tear up again. “Thank you so much…”


Leaning over, Eunkyung pressed and kiss to the wolf’s forehead. She wrapped her arms around him again and let the wolf’s warmth comfort her.




“Where’s Yugyeom?”  


“Where do you think he is?”


Jr was sitting on the deck, exactly where the pup had left him not long before. He watched the rain with a renewed interest as JB joined him.


“How am I suppose to know? JB asked, disgruntled about being answered with another question. “I asked you for a reason.”


Jr laughed. “You’ll kick yourself when I tell you.”




“Yeah, he’s with Eunkyung.”


Jb tightened his eyes and leaned back on his hands. After a moment and sighed and laid down on the porch.


“What are we going to do with him? He can’t keep hanging around that human.”


Jr smirked, a very particular one that JB could recognize a mile away. It was the expression he had when ever he knew something you didn’t. “I don’t know… I think we should let him spend as much time with her as he’d like.”


“What?” Jb gave him a look and sat back up to look him in the eye. “Are you crazy? You know what we can’t do that. Yugyeom has a mate. He can’t get attached to someone else. Once he meets his mate, Eunkyung won’t matter anymore and she’ll only get hurt.”


“What do we know about Yugyeom’s mate?” Jr asked suddenly.


“Huh?” JB looked confused.


“Think about it. What has Yugyeom ever told us about his visions?”


“What are you talking about? He’s never had any dreams.”


“Right,” JR said that like it was the most obvious thing in the whole world. “And he’s 17 so what does that mean?”


“He’s a late bloomer.”


“Or he isn’t. JB you and I both know at this point, he’s either had his visions or he hasn’t.”


Jb scowled and looked at the ground, refusing to meet Jr’s eyes.


“So He’s either lying to us and doesn’t want us to know what he knows about his mate, or his mate is dead and he;s never going to have visions.”


JB was silent.


“So, we should let him pursue Eunkyung. As much as we tease him about it, Yugyeom isn’t a pup anymore. He knows the consequences of his actions. So even if there is a small chance that he meets his mate and makes a big mess, he won’t have any regrets.


“Because what if his mate is dead, JB? What then? He has ever right of being happy. And if Eunkyung makes him happy, then we have no right to stand in his way.”





Also Jr is on one smart cupcake who wants the best for his tall son Yugyeom

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