Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


12. The Wolf Pelt

After a while of being in the cafe and getting familiar with the surroundings, Eunkyung realized something. The cafe had a very low-key wolf theme to it. 


The napkin holders were handmade and had wolves howling at a full moon etched into the side. There was a wolf’s pelt spread in front of the fire in the corning of the room like a rug. Some of the pictures hung on the wall were old advertisements for traps for wolfs and public safely announcements for what do do when you encounter a wolf in the wild.


Eunkyung furrowed her bow slightly. All of a sudden wolves were cropping up everywhere in her life. 


Not to mention that pelt was kind of freaking her out.


Normally dead animals weirded her out in general.


But that wolf was too much.


“Hey, Eunkyung.” Jungkook spoke up between bites of his food. “Where do you live?”


“In the woods.” She said vaguely, not really wanting to go through the trouble of explaining exactly where in the woods. “I have a cottage.”


“Who do you live with?”


Eunkyung froze. She reached over and grabbed her water to take a sip to steal herself. “I-I live alone.”


“Really?” Jungkook said in surprise. “You at least have a pet right?”


“Well,” Eunkyung hesitated. “Sort of. I have a wol-DOG! I have a dog.” 


She quickly tried to cover what she almost said . Something about Jungkook made her feel like she shouldn’t tell him about her wolf friend.


“Really, What kind do you have?” He asked.


“A, uh, mixed breed. I’m not quite sure what though. It’s a stray I took in.” She nervously rubbed her thumb against the side of her glass.


“Hey,” Jin came back over, smiled at them, and gestured to his plate. “How’s everything so far?”


“Good.” Jungkook said curtly.


“Em, yeah it’s good. I was wondering though. Why is there wolves all over the cafe? Is there some king of significance?” 


Jungkook and Jin stiffened but Jin quickly melted it away with a smile.


“I’m surprised you noticed. Not a lot of people talk about it.” Jin tucked his notebook away into his apron. “Wolves have a special meaning to Jungkook, me, and our other roommates. When I designed the interior of the cafe I wanted to include it.”


“Wait, You designed the cafe?” Eunkyung raised her eyebrows.


“Yep! I own the cafe.”


“Really? But you’re so young!”  Eunkyung couldn’t help but feel in awe. Jin couldn’t be more than a handful of years older than her and he owned a popular cafe.


“Well, I’ve wanted to own on ever since I was little, so once I graduated from college my parents helped me buy this place.” Jin some proudly and looked around his cafe with a bright smile. “It helps that we live on the second floor. My parents only have to worry about the rent for the restaurant since my apartment is a part of it and the restaurant more than funds itself.”


“That’s amazing…” Eunkyung looked around the cafe with a new found respect.


But when her gaze passed over the pelt on the ground, she wrinkled her nose.


Well, there’s always going to be differences in taste, right?


“What about the pelt, though? That doesn’t seem very…  Family friendly.”


“Ah,” Jin glanced at is casually before answering matter-of-factly. “That was the first wolf I ever killed.”


Eunkyung recoiled and stared at him in horror.


“Don’t give me that look. The wolf population in the forest is way too high. It’s very dangerous to go there because of it. The city itself has told hunters that they can have free rein.” Jin spoke rationally like, like he knew his point of view was right and it justified his actions. “And it was a full moon, so who knows, it may have been a werewolf.”


He gave a textbook sociable laugh before noticing that Eunkyung was still scowling at him and Jungkook was shifting in his seat uncomfortably.


She took a long drink of her water to gather her confidence and speak her opinion. “Well, personally, I think this town takes it’s own urban legend far too seriously. Just because we have a few too many wolf sighting on the full moon does not mean the forest is crawling with werewolves. People probably only think it report their sighting when the full moon is out because they’re spooked. It doesn’t justify killing an innocent creature.”


Jin shrugged. “It’s a matter of opinion I suppose. I still think was justified in shooting it.”


Then he excused himself and headed back to the kitchen while Jungkook drew pictures in the ketchup with his fry to avoid meeting Eunkyung’s eyes.


When they had finished their food and bid fair well to Jin, Eunkyung and Jungkook stood outside of the cafe together, awkwardly trying to find the words to end their evening together. 


“Thank you for paying for the food,” Eunkyung started. “It was really good and I had a lot of fun tonight.”


“Yeah, and we’re almost done with the project so we won’t have to deal with that anymore.” Jungkook said as he played with his locked phone in his hands.


“Yeah, I guess.” Eunkyung smiled slightly. “Good night, Jungkook. See you in class.”


“Eunkyung!” Before she could turn away to go to her car, Jungkook had lunged forward and grabbed her wrist. She turned a gave him a surprised look and, realizing what he had done, quickly let go. “S-Sorry. But… Let me drive you home! The moon is almost full.” 


“Thank you but, I’ll be alright. And the moon will make it easier for me to see.”


“But, Eunkyung-” Jungkook started but she quickly cut him off.


“I understand that Jin is a hyung you admire and respect and that you may share the same opinions as him. But I’ve been living in those woods my whole life and I’ve never had any trouble with the wolves there, especially on the full moon.” 


Eunkyung opened the door to her truck and climbed in. She rolled down the window and looked down at him.


“Good night, Jungkook. See you in class.”


Then she rolled her window up and went home.


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