Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


14. The Start of Dawn

The next morning, Yugyeom woke up with Eunkyung groaning and she slowly woke up. He cracked open his eyes and watched her as she ran her hand through her messy bed head. Stiffness sat in her bones from sleeping on the cold hard ground and she felt tired, like she stayed up all night doing homework instead of sleeping on the ground next to her wolf.


Eunkyung looked at him. It was kind of funny. Even though she had a wild wolf with a bullet wound in it’s side, she felt surprising nonchalant about the whole thing. Adjusting to the new occupant in her cabin was easy enough and even preparing food for him was a habit now. After having so many years for just herself, it was nice to have someone else to look after.


She yawned, all her sleeping thoughts getting lost as she tried to wake herself up, and stretched before pulling her phone out to glance at the time.


“Shoot, I’m late!” All of a sudden she was very much awake and very much afraid of getting detention.


Eunkyung immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom. In a whirl wind of getting ready for school as soon as quick as she possibly could, Eunkyung was running out the door without so much as a good bye to Yugyeom.


He watched her go and felt a sinking in his chest.


She was probably going to see that classmate she hung out with last night.


Yugyeom buried his face in his blankets and let himself do nothing but mope around all day. He was jealous of her classmates who got to spend so much time with her. They didn’t know how good they had it. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he would do almost anything to go to school just so he could spend more time with her. 




A few hours later, a loud crash woke Yugyeom up.


Light flooded in from the front door, lighting the hallway up. Eunkyung couldn’t be home from school yet, it was too early. And even then, she opened her door with her keys. The only time he had ever seen her kick it open was when she first found him and was panicking over his injury.


That meant it had to be a burglar.


Yugyeom carefully pulled himself up on his feet and the fur on his back stood up as he bristled. He began to slowly make his way over to the hallway and let out a low, threatening growl.


A second later, he heard a familiar laugh and the intruder walked over so he could see him.


“Really, Yugyeom? Your own pack mate?” Youngjae stooped down to his level and gave him an demanding look.


The wolf looked off to the side, embarrassed.


“It’s okay. You just wanted to protect Eunkyung, right?” When Yugyeom suddenly stiffened and his tail curled beneath himself sheepishly, Youngjae giggled. “So cute…”


Youngjae reached out and grabbed the side of the wolf face and pulled it out like a grandma does to her grandbabies while he cooed over him. Yugyeom shook his hand off and playfully nipped at his hyung’s fingers.


“Anyways,” Youngjae lightly scratched behind Yugyeom’s ear to offer a truce to their play fight. “I’m here to heal you so you can come home faster.”


Yugyeom’s ears perked up and he pulled his head away from the other’s hand.


“Don’t be stubborn. I know you’re in pain. You’re only resisting because you don’t want to leave Eunkyung.”


Yugyeom didn’t react.


“… You can still visit her when you’re better. It’s not like you can’t transform back into a wolf.”


Still nothing.


“Yugyeom…” He whined. “Stop making this difficult. Please let me heal you! Your wound might get worse if I don’t do anything. What good will you be to Eunkyung then?”


The wolf’s ear twitched. Youngjae took it as a sign that he had gotten something through to him.


“She’s nursing an injured werewolf back to health right on the edge of hunter territory without knowing what kind of trouble she’s getting herself into. But you do know that.”


There was a long pause.


“Yugyeom please. You know what would happen if they find out she’s caring for a werewolf. Don’t drag her into this mess.”


He sighed and looked at Youngjae before walking to back to the living room. Glancing back, Yugyeom gestured for him to follow.


Yugyeom gently laid back down on his pile of blankets and rolled onto his side, exposing his wound for Youngjae. 


The healer immediately went to work. Youngjae carefully unwrapped the bandage Eunkyung had put on him to inspect the wound. He pulled a small flashlight out from his pocket and shown it on the wound. Furrowing his eyebrows, he looked at it from many different angles before nodding.


“Eunkyung did a good job taking care of you. I was worried about an infection but you look pretty clean. She even took the bullet out of you without doing more damage and that’s pretty impressive.”


Youngjae slipped the light back in his pocket and rubbed his hands together, looking at Yugyeom’s face.




Yugyeom laid his head down and closed his eyes, what he always did when Youngjae healed him.


“Alright. Let’s do this.”


Youngjae took a deep breath and lightly pressed his both hands to the wound. Yugyeom tensed up as pain shot through him and yelped.


“Sh… It’s okay, Yugyeom. It won’t hurt for very long.” Youngjae praised and encouraged the pup as he started to forces on letting his energy running through the bullet hole. “You’re doing so well.”


A warmth flowed over Yugyeom, like the ocean’s surf chasing up the last bit of beach it can reach before falling back into the ocean. For the first time since he got shot more than a week ago, Yugyeom couldn’t feeling the searing pain of the hole in his side. With a sigh of relief , Yugyeom let himself relax into Youngjae’s healing touch.


After a moment, Youngjae started breathing really hard and he took his energy back into his body. The pain began to throb back into existence in Yugyeom’s side and he whined at the pain.


“Stop whining. If you had told us you were hurt earlier, you would be better by now.” Youngjae patted his head, despite his sharp words. “I’ll come visit you again tomorrow. Don’t move around too much. It’ll still be a few days before you are completely better.”


Yugyeom licked Youngjae’s calf in thanks before lying back down completely.


Healing was an exhausting practice on both parties ends. The healer had to give up a bit of their strength and lend it to the injured person to heal themselves quicker. The person being health is sped through something that normally takes a lot of time.


So, while convent, healing is only done in an emergency since they both needed to rest after the fact. There was no point in using so much energy over a paper cut.


The two sat in silence for a while before Youngjae finally forced himself to stand.


“See you tomorrow, Yuggie.” He patted his packmate one last time before returning home.

​A/N: oh my god I totally just realized that I completely skipped chapter 12 when I published this story the first time. So I just deleted all the chapters and republished them so I could put that back in there for you guys so it makes more sense. Sorry about that! I'm so embarrassed! >.< Anyways! We've reached the point where all of the chapters I have written up to this point are published! Updates are going to slow down a bit but I still update fairly often! It's just not going to be everyday anymore. 

Bye bye! See you next update!!

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