Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


4. The One Constant

Eunkyung laid out a raw piece of beef on a plate she had found in the fridge for the wolf before heading upstairs to do her homework. The wolf watched her go and heard the lock on her door click. She may have let the wild animal in her house but that didn’t mean she was going to trust it entirely. 

Yugyeom, in his wolf form, carefully pulled himself into a standing position. This was the first time Eunkyung had let him into her house, even if she didn’t know it was him. He wanted to look around. 

Her cabin was small, just enough for her to live comfortably. There was a kitchen, a living room, and upstairs was the bed and bathrooms. Yugyeom slowly padded his way through the living room. Shelves filled with books, DVDs and random nicknacks lined the walls. In the corner was a small wider basket piled high with yarn and knitting needles. Everything was neatly tucked away in it’s own spot and there wasn’t any dust anywhere. Everything in the house either had a practical use or looked like it had special meaning.

Yugyeom smiled to himself and went over to the plate of meat. He loved the little cabin. It was homely and everything smelt like Eunkyung’s unique scent of different flowers. As he ate, he laid down and enjoyed the atmosphere of the small home.


Eunkyung sat at the desk in the corner of her room and tried to do her homework. While she was normally diligent about her work, she found her mind drifting repeatedly back to the wolf downstairs.

What was it shot on her property? No one was suppose to go on her land. Should she put up fences around her property? She never had to do that before. But if there was someone wielding a gun all willy-nilly she probably should.

She groaned slightly. She had a pretty large amount of property and not a lot of money. There was no way she could scrape up enough money to pay for workers to put it up for her. The wood, yeah, she could probably get ahold of it but it wasn’t like she could put up fences by herself. She needed help and had no one to turn to.

After wrestling with her homework for a few hours, she finally admitted defeat and went to bed.


Yugyeom waited for Eunkyung to come back downstairs After she had taken care of him she had gone straight upstairs without even saying good bye. He laid his head on the bottom step and stared hopefully at the door. She had to come down soon, right?

His sides hurt. Eunkyung had done a very good job of taking care of him but it still hurt like hell. Regular bullets wouldn’t hurt this much. They normally stung a little but but he healed up pretty fast (supernatural healing was his favorite thing in the world). But he had been shot with a silver bullet. It would take a long time for him to heal and hurt a thousand times more.

After a while, he felt himself slowly drift off into sleep as he waited for her.


The next morning, Eunkyung yawned as she got ready for school. She slowly changed into jeans and a t shirt and ran her fingers lazily through her long hair instead of grabbing a brush. She did not want to school today. In no way shape or form was she feeling it today. Today was a get-your-shit-together-just-long-enough-for-you-to-get-your-shit-done kind of day.

She stumbled her way down to the kitchen, grabbed a bag of trail mix, and started to make her way toward the front door. As she passed the stairs, her feet brushed up against something hairy and she let out a high pitched shriek. 

The wolf jumped slightly in surprise at her loud noise and looked around wildly to see what was going on. He had been dead asleep when Eunkyung’s foot had bumped into his side. When he saw that it was only her, he heaved a labored sigh and gently licked her ankle to reassure her that it was just him. She stared down at the wolf with wide eyes.

That was a thing that actually happened yesterday. She had actually let a wolf into her house. It seemed like it liked her though? At least nothing in her house looked like it was broken and the wolf was acting like a common pet dog.

Eunkyung glanced down at her wrist and saw that it read half past seven.

“Shoot! I’m going to miss him!” The wolf’s ears perked up when she said that and he turned his head to the side with a curious expression. As she ran out the door, the wolf watched her go.

Was she… Could she…?

Was she running so she didn’t miss running into Yugyeom getting his mail? 

Stuck in his wolf form because of his injury, he watched her go with a curious expression on his face.


Eunkyung stopping running down the path through the woods when she was a few feet away from the mail box. She quickly gulped down some air and fixed her hair, trying to make it look like she didn’t run to meet Yugyeom. 

To anyone watching her, they would have thought she liked Yugyeom. She ran to the mail box just to meet him and fixed her appearance before she met him. The sounded like something someone would only do if they liked the person, right?

But Eunkyung didn’t like Yugyeom. She didn't even know enough about him to tell if he was a good guy or not.

It was just, well, she missed talking to people. 

After her mother death, she cut her ties with everyone she knew. She refused to rely on anyone during her hard time and her stubbornness had made it difficult for her to talk to anyone. After years had passed, the people she use to talk to everyday just drifted away from her. She found that when she was finally ready to move on from her mothers death, there was no where for her to go. She had no idea how to interact with people and there wasn’t an easy way for her to meet new people.

Yugyeom, however, had been a constant in her life. 

Even before her mother’s death, they had always met up at the mailbox. They never talked to each other beyond a quick greeting, but sometime after they turned 13 he started to ask her questions. He invited her over every week for dinner and asked if she was doing alright. He never offered to help her though. Yugyeom only wanted to know if she was okay. 

Eunkyung took one last deep breath before rounding the corner and walking to her mailbox. Yugyeom was no where to be found. She opened her box as slowly as possible and even sorted through the mail before slipping the letters into her backpack. When she couldn’t stall anymore, she sighed and started to walk to school. She glanced at his cabin as she walked passed it and wondered where he was.

Yugyeom was the only person who talked to her. He was the last chance she had to make more friends. She just had to get up the courage to accept his invitation to dinner.


A/N: Yeah, I know this is a boring chapter, but we got to get this stuff out of the way before we can get to the good stuff. I promise stuff actually happens soon. There's a really cute scene with Yugyeom next chapter!!

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