Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


13. The End of the Day

A soft click woke up Yugyeom. 


His eyes, heavy and droopy with sleep, slowly opened and he lazily sniffed the air to see who it was. A familiar flowery scent drifted into the small cottage and Yugyeom felt his heart swell.


Eunkyung was home.


He could hear her shuffling around in the entrance and placing her bag down on the entry way table. Then he heard her sighed and make her way to the living room.


Yugyeom lifted his head and wagged his tail slightly. His side was really hurt, he had moved around a bit too much when JB had visited, but he was too excited that she was home to just fall back asleep.


Eunkyung walked in the room and Yugyeom could hardly contain his joy. He watched her run her hand through her hair before flopping down on the couch with a loud yawn and closing her eyes to rest for a second.


She looked tired. She looked so, so tired. It was like the day had taken the little bit of sunshine she held desperately in her lonely eyes and chased it away. So even though Yugyeom wanted nothing more than to whine at her so she’d come over and give him the attention he’d been craving all day, he just laid there patently and waited.


After a few moment, her breathing began to slow down and she started to relax into the couch.


Eunkyung was falling asleep.


But she couldn’t. Not there. Not like that. Her neck was awkwardly tipped back and her spine was twisted in an uncomfortable looking position and her mouth hung open in a way that ensured it would dry out quickly. If she fell asleep now she’d wake up stiff, grumpy, and even more tired than she had been when she had gone to bed.


Yugyeom leaned forward as far he could and licked her calf just barely. She stirred slightly. Yugyeom began to whine insistently, hoping she’d wake up for him. At first, she shut her eyes tighter and tried to ignore him. But his whines only grew louder. She groaned and slowly pulled herself to a sitting position.


Eunkyung rubbed at her eyes clumsily before looking down at Yugyeom. “What? Are you worried about me?”


He whined even louder and his tail wagged a few times.


Yes. And I missed you…


Eunkyung slowly slide down the couch until she was slumped on the ground by Yugyeom. Then she flopped on the ground next to him and curled up to his side. Yugyeom gently nuzzled her and rested his head on top other to shelter her eye’s from the light still on in the hall.


“I’m alright, Buddy.” She lazily pet his side as she mumbled sleepily. “I just had a long day. I haven’t talked to people in a long time for more than a few minutes so it was weird to spend all day with someone. And exhausting.“


Eunkyung let out a big yawn and stretched. 


“I don’t want to go upstairs…” She snuggled closer to the wolf’s warmth. “I’m going to just…”


As she trailed off, she fell asleep cocooned in the warm of her wolf.




Across the wood, Yugyeom’s pack had gathered far from their home.


Everyone was present except for JB and Yugyeom. They were waiting for their leader and scanning the woods for any dangers.


After a few minutes, they heard a twig crunch and JB was walking toward them in his human form. He looked like he had aged 10 years and his thoughts seemed to cloud his eyes.


Jackson, who had been leaning on one of the trees, immediately stood up and walked over to JB.


“Did you find him?” He asked.




“Where was he?”


“He was at Eunkyung’s cabin.” The pack was visibly relieved at the news. “But he’s injured. He got shot by a hunter.”


“What?” Jr look at him incredulously. “He got shot? By a what now?”


“A hunter. It seems like one of them crossed the boarder and shot him with a silver bullet; He was in his wolf form the whole time I was with him.”


“So where the fuck is he?” Jr glared at him. “You didn’t just leave him, did you? Alone and unable to defend himself in the small cabin of a ignorant human who lives right on the boarder of the territory line and right by where he was shot?”


JB rubbed his throbbing temple and heaved a sighed. “He refused to leave. Eunkyung has been taking care of him and he seems very content with her care.”


“JB, We need to bring him home.” Mark put a hand on JB’s shoulder. “We can’t let him stay somewhere we can’t guaranty his safety. His mom entrusted his safety to us.”


“Besides,” Youngjae added. “He’s just a pup. He’s too stubborn to know what’s best for him. And he really likes her. He’s probably really loving all the attention she’s giving him.”


“I know that. But he’s injured. He can barely walk as it is. If I try to move him now, against his will, he could get hurt even more. We have to wait for him to be healed before we move him so we don’t accidentally hurt him even more.”


“Then we’re going to need him to be better as soon as possible.” Youngjae smiled brightly. “And that’s where I come in.”


“You got a plan, Youngjae?” Jackson asked.


“Yeah.” He nodded and the pack shifted toward him, giving their undecided attention. “So, Eunkyung has school everyday, right? That means until the evening, Yugyeom is all alone. I’ll sneak in there while schools in session and heal him with my ability. It’ll take a few days for it to be fully healed, but that’s better than a few weeks.” 


JB nodded. 


“Sounds like a plan. We should-”


“Weren’t you listening, JB?” Jackson asked him with a serious face. “I asked him if it was a plan and he said ‘yeah.’ It doesn’t just sound like a plan. It is a plan.”


JB looked at him and Bambam started cracking up at how done their leader looked. 


“Good bye, Jackson, it was nice knowing you. We’ll leave your stuff on the porch so you can pick it up in the morning.” JB started to walk away but Jackson latched himself on the leader and clung to him like a child having a temper tantrum.


“No! JB! Man! You can’t just leave me! What happened to us? I promise I can change!”


“We’re through, Jackson.”


“You’re breaking my heart man!! How could you do this to me?” Jackson waved his arms around in an over dramatic fashion while he looked off in the distance like a drama actress.


“You did this to yourself when you made that bad joke.”


“I swear. Does no one in the pack have a sense of humor?” Jackson shook his head. “I only have Bambam now!”


He draped himself over Bambam and buried his face in his neck.


“Don’t taint him with your unpure ways.” Jr pulled Jackson away from Bambam, sputtering insulted noises all the way. “Come on, let’s go home.”


And he began to dragged Jackson back to their cabin by the ear while the rest of their pack followed behind, snickering as Jackson raised a fuss.

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