Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


3. Silver Bullets

Yugyeom walked along the pathway away from his cabin that afternoon with an apprehensive look on his face. He stretched his arms above his head and tried to distract himself from his negative thoughts. 


The young werewolf had had visions. His mate was a lonely girl. She wore all black because she was in morning for her mother’s death even though it had been years ago. She liked frothy hot chocolate more than anything else in the world. She loved children’s movies because she felt like they were better than adult movies. She smelt like roses and honeysuckles. When she was frustrated she ran her fingers through her long tangled brown hair.


He ran through the list of all the things he knew about her and tried not to focus on the bad things. Out of his pack, he knew the most about his mate. He knew that because whenever someone in his pack had one they would run to the others and tell them everything they had learned. The members of pack had a vision every month or so. Yugyeom had one every night but he never told them.


He wanted to them a secret, to be the only one who knew anything about her. A part of him knew that he needed to tell him pack mates about her and that they were getting worried about him, but he just couldn’t bring himself to tell them anything about her.


Yugyeom groaned and ran a hand through his hair.


Why did this whole mating thing have to be so complicated? It would be so much better if he could just tell his pack about his mate without worrying about their reaction. But how could he tell them that his mate was-


Suddenly, a gunshot rang through the forest and Yugyeom felt something pierce his side. His eyes widen in surprise as he fell the the ground in slow motion. Someone laughed he could see shoes coming toward him, blurred by his tears.




Yugyeom grunted and tried to crawl away from the hunter but he could feel himself fading fast. His body seemed to turn into water as he shifted into a wolf, a werewolves final defense when they were injured in human form. He took a weak swipe with his claws at the hunter when he came close but he was easily dodged.


Yugyeom slowly closed his eyes and sent one last prayer to Luna.


Please, look after Eunkyung. Help her find happiness without me.




Eunkyung walked home from school and grunted as she wove her way through the trees. Her bag was way too heavy and she had way too few classes to justify this kind of weight. Maybe she could leave one of her books home and borrow one from a classmate. But then she’d have to actually talk to her classmates and that was not her thing. Maybe she could use a class set or-


A gunshot interrupted her thoughts and she screamed in surprise. It echoed around the forest, making it difficult it pinpoint where it came from. Eunkyung froze and glanced around to see where it had come from.


She was almost home, this land was her property. No one should be here let alone hunting game here. Eunkyung shifted her backpack, ducked down to avoid any stray bullets, and she began to sprint toward her house. If there was someone on her property, she didn’t have the guts to confront them herself. It would probably be better if she called the police and had them take care of it.


When she was a couple hundred yards from her house, her foot caught on something and she tumbled to the ground. Eunkyung glanced back and gasped at what she saw. 


A beautiful wolf laid across the ground. It’s dark gray fur was matted and sticky with blood and and open wound glistened in the sunlight. It’s breath was labored and it’s eyes were closed. It didn’t even try to get away from her in it’s vulnerable state. Eunkyung hesitantly reached out and brushed her hand across it head. It opened it’s eyes with a pained and pleading expression and looked at her for a second before closing them. 


She bit her lip and worried it between her teeth as she considered her options. On one hand, she could leave the wolf here and let darwinism handle things. On the other, she could help the wolf and try to nurse it back to health.


Eunkyung thought about it for a second before sighing. Her conscience would never forgive her if she didn’t do something when she could. 


“I’m going to help you, okay?” She told the wolf as she gently petted where he wasn’t injured. “Just- Please don’t hurt me.”


The wolf made a huffing sound that almost sounding like he was scoffing at the idea of hurting her.


Eunkyung smiled. “Alright then. I guess we have a deal. I’ll help you if you don’t hurt me.”


She carefully reached under the wolf and tried to position her arms in a way that wouldn’t jostle his injuries when she lifted him.


“I’m going to pick you up now. I’m really sorry, but this might hurt.” She began to pick him up with a grunt and carefully stood up. The wolf yelped slightly but squirmed in her arms to adjust his position so it didn’t hurt anymore. 


Eunkyung had never been so glad that she worked out. This damn wolf easily weighted over a hundred pounds and she had to get him to her cabin. She groaned and began to quickly shuffle her way over there. As she did so, the wolf opened his eyes a little and looked at the human who saved him affectionately. 


When they finally got to her cabin, Eunkyung kicked the door open (Her door nob was going bad so if you kicked it in just the right place the lock buckled and the door opened) and quickly laid the wolf down on the wood floor.


“Stay right here, okay? I’m going to go grab a first aid kit.” She ran to her bathroom and grabbed it before running back to the wolf.


She wordlessly got to work tending to the wolf. Using a pair of tweezers, she pulled out the bullet and then disinfected the wound. She wrapped a bandage tightly around the wolf’s side and gently applied pressure to stop the bleeding. All while she was doing this, the wolf laid quietly and patiently on his side, only wincing every now and then when the pain got to him.


“There we go. You’re all patched up now, Mr. Wolf.” Eunkyung sighed in relief and pushed her hair away from her face. “Hopefully, you’ll heal up nicely.”


The wolf shifted his head slightly and licked her hand as thanks. She smiled at him and patted his head.


Eunkyung wasn’t sure why, but this wolf was so tame and trusting. It was almost like it knew her.


A/N: Please don't actually treat a wolf like this if you find one like injured in the wild. If you find one with a bullet wound, call animal control or something. This sort of thing only ends well if the wolf you found happened to be a werewolf with supernatural healing abilities. Also, I don't even think this is the proper way to dress a bullet wound. It probably isn't.
Also, first quality interaction between Yuggie and Eunkyung!! *Squeals* Things are only going to get better from here!!

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