Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


16. One Step Closer

Eunkyung sat across the couch and propped her head up with her arms on the armrest. She looked dully at the small vase of flowers on the coffee table. They were just some wild flowers, ones that she had seen many times along the trails that ran through her woods, but they held so much more meaning than any of the ones that still grew. The water was’t enough to keep the flowers healthy and they had slowly begun to wilt. Eunkyung reached out and gently touched one of the withered petals.


She sighed and curled into herself. 


Her cabin seemed so big without the wolf there. 


Eunkyung glanced over at the corner where the blankets the wolf would sleep use to be. The corner was empty now and dust was starting to gather and form dust bunnies. 


On the other side of her couch was her backpack, still laying untouched where she had thrown it on Friday when the wolf had said good bye and returned to the woods. 


She stared at for a moment before sighing and pulling it toward her and pulling out her book.


Her grades were good and she always turned her homework in early but Eunkyung had just waved that off as enjoying her studies. 


It was only now, with the wolf gone, that she remembered why her grades had gotten so much better when her mother had passed away.


There was nothing to do when you lived alone. 


The novelty of you freedom wore off quickly. There was no one to tease or watch movies with or eat with or fight over that bathroom with. The space was entirely yours and it became a part of you until it didn’t even feel like it was a separate space. 


Because after all, an empty house is an empty soul.




Monday morning was as dull as every other morning for Eunkyung, It was just another day to get up and get ready and run through the motions of living.


She was up before her alarm, as always, and had eggs with rice for breakfast, like she had been doing for years. Then she changed into jeans and a black shirt, which she had worn since she was 13, and left for school down the same road she had been walking down her whole life.


On autopilot, Eunkyung stopped at her mailbox and opened it to get any junk that had been sent to her this time.


She sighed when she saw all the large junk mail packet that was shoved in the back of her mail box. Bending down, she pulled it out, ripped her address off of it, and dumped it in her garbage can.


“Eunkyung!” She stiffened at the familiar voice and stood back up.


Yugyeom was running down the path on his property toward the mail box and waved at her. She smiled at him and waved back. 


“I haven’t seen you in a while.” Every time she had gotten her mail lately, he wasn’t there. It was like they had an arrangement to always meet up, but it was still weird when he wasn’t there. “Where have you been?”


“I went to visit my parents in Seoul.” He dipped his head down, as if to hide his embarrassment.


“Ah, did you have fun?”


“Yeah, it was good to see them again.” Yugyeom brightened up slightly and it crossed Eunkyung’s mind that it must be hard for someone as young as him to live away from his parents.


They were quiet for a moment as Yugyeom opened his mailbox. 


Eunkyung hesitated for a moment before saying something she had been toying with for a while.


“… Hey Yugyeom, can I come over for dinner this Friday?”


“Really?” His eyes widened and he looked at her with a stunned expression.


“Yeah, I could use a change of pace. Plus, JB’s been trying to get me to come over for so long. I feel like if I don’t come over at least once before I graduate, JB will follow me to college just to keep asking.” She tried to make a joke to cover how nervous she was.


Yugyeom laughed. “Jb would. He’s stubborn as an ox.”


Eunkyung laughed with him and runged her hands anxiously. “So see you Friday then?”


“Yeah, come by around 6.” He smiled at her. “See you then.”


Eunkyung nodded and said her good byes before parting and heading to school. 


While she was nervous about going next door and spending time with the boys, she knew it would be good for her. Plus, if she ever wanted to pick herself up and move on with her life, she’d have to let go of her past and look toward the future.




“She WHAT?!” Jinyoung’s voice echoed through out the wolves’ cottage. 


Yugyeom sat across from him at the kitchen table as the pack ate their breakfast together. 


“Eunkyung wants to come over for dinner on Friday.” Yugyeom said before taking another bite of toast.


“Really?” JB’s eyebrows were raised. “We’ve been inviting her over for years and she’s always said no. What changed?”


The entire pack looked a Yugyeom who raised his hands and gave them a “don’t-look-at-me” expression.


“Okay, but isn’t this a good thing?” Youngjae spoke up. “It’s not like it’s a bad thing. We’ve wanted to be friends with her for forever and now she wants to hang out with us! Isn’t that exciting?”


“But Yugyeom just spent two weeks at her place as a wolf because he was shot by a hunter on her land. The timing is kind of suspicious.” Jinyoung glared at Yugyeom. “You didn’t tell her that you were the wolf, did you? Or transform at her house? What if she suddenly wants to come over so she can investigate the werewolves next door?”


“Hyung…” Yugyeom whined at him. “I’m not stupid. I didn’t do anything like that and I was super careful the whole time I was there.”


“Maybe she’s just lonely.” Jackson suggested. “She’s lived alone for the past, what? Five, six years? I’d want to eat dinner with some neighbors if I was her.”


Jinyoung nodded. “Yeah. That could be it.”


“She can come over though, right?” Bambam asked JB excitedly. “We won’t turn her away?”


JB said nothing and took another bite of his food to stall for time. 


“Come on, Hyung!!” Bambam begged. “It’s like like she can find out we’re werewolves just by eating with us! We eat normal human food!”


JB looked around the table and saw his excited pack looking at him expectantly. He sighed, knowing he was fighting a loosing battle.


“Alright, she can come over. Just be careful so she won’t get suspicious.”


The entire table erupted with cheers.


Eunkyung was coming to dine with the werewolves.



A/N: omg we get to have GOT7/Eunkyung interations soon!!!!! *vibrates with excitment!!!!!!* We have offically left the exposition of this story!! From here on out, the story will really start to pick up its pace and we'll have lots of fun scenes!! Also, I'm so happy so may of you like this story!!! I almost has 2000 views and 75 followers!! That's more than I've ever gotten before!! I can't believe my little problem child story is getting so much love!! My goal is to reach 100 subscribers byt chapter 20!! *crosses fingers*


Anyways! I hope you enjoyed this chapter and see you soon!!

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