Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


6. No Name

A week later, Eunkyung and the wolf had fallen into a comfortable routine. After she came home from school she'd make dinner for both of them then do her homework with Yugyeom resting at her feet. It was nice, she decided, to have someone else in the house. The wolf might not be able to talk, but at least she wasn't alone all the time anymore.  Maybe getting use to another's company would get her ready to talk to other people and try to make friends. Every little baby step counted.  

It was Monday morning again and Eunkyung was getting ready to leave for school. She had left out a bit of food for the wolf to eat when she was gone as well as left out a small bowl of water. When it was finally time to leave she turned to the wolf and crouched down to pet it.

"What should I call you today?" She cooed as she scratched it's head. "Chaejin? Minhyun?"

She had yet to find a name that fit the wolf. Everyday she'd try to find something she liked but by evening she had forgotten what she had called it that morning. Nothing seemed to stick. But she couldn't just call it "Wolf" forever, so she kept trying. Eunkyung sighed and gave the wolf one last rub before standing up. She couldn't put off going to school any longer. "Well, I need to go to now. I'll see you later."

The wolf followed her faithfully as she walked to the door and wagged it's tail. Eunkyung opened to door and started to take a step outside but a small tug on her pants made her stop. Looking up at her with puppy eyes, the wolf had the leg of her pants gently held in between it's teeth and was tugging her away from the door.

Stay. Yugyeom thought selfishly. Cuddle with me some more. I'm not going to be at the mailbox today either; I'm right here. Just stay a little longer.

"Wolfsie," Eunkyung crouched down and held the wolf's face in her hands, looking him in the eyes. "I need to go to school. I'll be back later."

The wolf whined.

"I know. I don't want to go either. But I have to. I'll see you later, I promise." She quickly pecked the wolf on it's head, give him one last pat (for real this time), and left the house.

Yugyeom watched her go in a slight daze.

She kissed me... She's only ever pet me before...

If Yugyeom were in his human form, he surely would be blushing.


Eunkyung sighed as she walked up the front steps of her school. Hundreds of students were swarming around, chatting, laughing, yelling, and screaming at each other. It was loud and mildly annoying. So many people were around her but none them even greeted her or glanced at her. She was almost a ghost. 

She arrived at school so she could have enough time to get the things she needed and head to class. She was always on time and always sat in the same seat. She always sat alone and did her work by herself.

Eunkyung had been doing this for five years now and, well, she didn't know if she could change. 

How do you talk to people?

How do you become friends? 

What do friends even talk about?

What do they do together?

They seemed like such simple and obvious things that even she should know but... She didn't. She had no idea how to make friends.

Eunkyung sighed as she sat down at her desk for physics. Dully, she pulled out her notebook and a pen so she could take notes.

"Good morning!" Her teacher called out after the bell rang. "Today is the first day of the new grading period and unit. Now, this unit is about magnetism and has a lot of labs in it."

Uh oh. Eunkyung perked up slightly and looked at the teacher. That didn't sound good.

"Unfortunately though, we don't have enough of the special magnets that we use for everyone to have their own. And since it's the beginning of the new grading period and you all know I like to move you guys around, who i seat you next to today will be your lab partner for the rest of this unit."

Oh god why. Eunkyung thought as she slowly closed her notebook and put it back in her back. How am I going to do this? I have no idea how to work with people.

The teacher was walking around the room with a seating chart in her hand, pointing to each desk and calling out the name of a student. One by one, the class was assigned their new seats and lab partners. 

Maybe I'll be paired with a girl. She thought desperately as she eyed that last few students waiting to be seated. Girls are nice... I think I could manage that...

Unfortunately though, the last girl was called right after she thought that and was seated by a skinny boy with glasses. Eunkyung nervously wrapped hands around the straps of her backpack and gripped them tightly. That meant she was definitely going to be seated with a guy.

Whelp. It couldn't get much worse than this.

"Oh Eunkyung." The teacher called out her name while pointing to a desk in the back of the class by the window. 

She stiffened and quickly walked to her new seat. Feeling rigid, awkward, and unnatural, she sat down and pulled out her notebook so she had something to pretend to be looking at.

"Jeon Jungkook." 

Eunkyung looked out of the corner of her eye to see who was going to sit next to her. A small, skinny boy shuffled over to the desk next to hers, looking just as awkward as she felt, and sat down. He had long black hair that looked to perfect to not  be styled and small black earnings. He wore a little make up, enough to bring out his eyes but still be passable for a natural look, and had a cute small nose that reminded Eunkyung of a bunny. 

He glanced over at her but quickly looked away when they made eye contact and shrunk away from her slightly. 

Eunkyung quickly looked away as well but she didn't feel as uncomfortable anymore. 

At least he seemed to be as afraid of her as she was as him.

A/N: SURPISE!! *Showers you in confetti* I've enlisted none other than the lovely BTS  to play a very important role in this story! But what kind of an important 
role, you ask? I won't tell you!! *Giggles*

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