Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


24. No Man's Land

Eunkyung laid out on the floor of her living room as she lazily flipped through her textbook, waiting for a knock on the door. She wasn’t paying attention to the words on the page her eyes eyes ran across the page in a habitual way. It felt wrong to be in her cabin on a Friday. When she had left school that day, every other student was buzzing with excitement over the coming weekend. Friends were meeting up at the front of the school before running off to start their adventures for the weekend but Eunkyung watched them go with little excitement of her own. Her weekend was shaping up to be the same as it use to be. While the boys next door had extended their welcome to let her come and go as she pleased, Eunkyung was still hesitant to come over without being invited. So even though she only went over to play video games everyone once in a while (And mainly just when Jackson practically forced her to come), Fridays were always spent with them. They would have a loud, delicious, and slightly crazy dinner together before having hot chocolate and s’mores around the fire. Eunkyung glanced at the clock and watched dinner time come and go while she waited for Jungkook to come over. Guilt chewed in her stomach and she slammed her textbook closed before pulling out hr phone to try to distract herself and burn time by mindlessly rolling through the internet. Youngjae had been super sweet when Eunkyung ran into him on the path between their houses and didn’t even blink an eye when she stuttered out some lame excuse about homework. She really shouldn’t feel bad about not going, after all, everyone has their own life and sometimes meetings like that couldn’t always happen. But, something about it being Jungkook made anxiety corse through Eunkyung’s veins. Jungkook. At the thought of him, Eunkyung bite her lip and nervously tugged at her hair. Something about him made her feel uneasy. Which seemed a bit unfair, considering he hadn’t done anything particularly bad. He was just a quiet, kind of awkward guy with an overprotective roommate who owns a cafe. A roommate who kills wolves because he thinks that a large population justifies their murder and put their pelts on his cafe’s floor to fit his aesthetic. Eunkyung shivered slightly and wrapped her arms around herself. No matter what she did, she could shake off the unfounded unease that came with Jungkook and Jin. Just then, a loud, sharp knock rang through her cabin and scattered all her thoughts. Eunkyung glanced up at the door before hoisting herself up and dragging herself over to the door. After quickly glancing in the mirror by her door and making sure her hair looked alright, Eunkyung unlocked the door and opened it. On the other side was Jungkook wearing a sheepish expression, holding a plate with rice crispy treats on it. “Sorry I’m late,” He mumbled and held out the plate to her. “Jin wanted to make sure I didn’t come empty handed.” Wordlessly, Eunkyung took the plate and gave a kind of confused, dazed expression. Suddenly remember that Jungkook was standing on her porch, waiting to be let in, she quickly stepped to the side. “Come on it,” She opened the door a little wider and Jungkook crossed over the threshold. Jungkook glanced around the small entryway and his eyes lingered on the coat rack filled with sweaters and hats of Eunkyung’s. She locked the door behind them and stepped past him on her way to the kitchen. “Thank you for the snacks,” She said as Jungkook followed her along like a lost puppy. “Let’s eat them while we study. Would you like anything to drink?” “I’ll have some water.” Eunkyung nodded and grabbed two glasses from the pantry. She went ahead and filled one with tap water before going to the fridge and pulling out a milk jug to fill the other. Once she was done, she handed Jungkook his glass and led him to the living room. “We’ll study in here.” She told him and settled herself done on the ground. There were a bunch of pillows and blankets strewn across the floor and Eunkyung nudged one with her foot toward Jungkook. “Help yourself to a pillow and blanket. The floor isn’t that comfortable, but I don’t have a table big enough for both of us so it’ll have to do.” “I don’t mind.” Jungkook sat down next to her on a pillow and pulled a blanket into his lap. “This is more fun anyways.” Eunkyung hummed her agreement and she pulled out her physics notebook from her bag and opened it to hunt down her notes on lens diagrams. “So what was it about the lens diagrams that you were having trouble with?” She asked, making a little “ah ha!” sound when she found the page she was looking for. “I was sick the day we went over that.” He confessed. “So, I have no idea what’s going on there.” “Oh, okay.” Eunkyung nodded in understanding. “So you just don’t know how to make or read one.” Jungkook shock his head and Eunkyung dug out some notebook paper. “Alright then.” She smiled at him. “Looks like we’re going to have to start at the very beginning.” *** Yugyeom was restless and it was getting on his pack’s nerves. He had paced around the whole house wile everyone else had been waiting for the pizza to be delivered. At first, they had had fun making fun of him and his attachment to Eunkyung but after an hour of him muttering worriedly under his breath, it got old. “Oh my god,” Jackson had groaned and pulled his hand down his face. “Why don’t you go check up on her or something if you’re so worried? You’re stressing me out and it’s cramping my style man.” “I can’t just go over to her house without an invitation.” He gave the older boy and disgusted look, like he couldn’t believe he was so inconsiderate. “You’ve seen how she reacts when we try to have her come over whenever she wants. it makes her uncomfortable” “So go as a wolf!” Jackson said in a patronizing voice. “She won’t know it’s you then. Just transform and go make sure she hasn’t like, died or what ever it is you’re afraid of.” And that’s how, 20 minutes later, Yugyeom found himself outside of Eunkyung house as a wolf. But beyond showing up, Yugyeom really hadn’t thought this whole, checking-up-on-Eunkyung-to-make-sure-she’s-alright thing. Her windows were too high for him to peak into without transforming back into a human and that was the last thing he wanted to do, especially since he hadn’t brought a spare change of clothes. For werewolves, it might be normally to walk around naked as the day you were born, but even most succeeded packs knew that that was a taboo for humans. Since he couldn’t do it stealthily, that meant he was going to have to do it straight forward. Yugyeom jumped onto the porch and looked at the door a few for a moment. Then he rammed his head into the door a few times, hoping it sounded close enough to a hand knocking that he wouldn’t scare Eunkyung. A moment later, there was a shuffling at the door and a click as it was unlocked. Eunkyung popped her head out the door and glanced around a few times before looking down. Her eyes locked with Yugyeom’s a for a moment, he thought she was happy to see him. But then he heard the muffled sounds of a voice inside, and her eyes widened with fear. Eunkyung glanced back into the house before turning back to Yugyeom and trying to shoo him away. Yugyeom tilted his head to the side in confusion, not understanding why she was afraid of him being there. When he didn’t move, Eunkyung seemed to panic and tried to close the door but a hand reached out to stop it. Another face popped out to see what was going on. It only took one second for Yugyeom to realize a few things. One. That boy by Eunkyung was a hunter. Two. Eunkyung was smarter than he gave her credit for. Three. That hunter was in Eunkyung’s house Four. The hunter was knowingly on werewolf territory. Five. Eunkyung knew he was in danger and a hunter never ventures into werewolf territory without a weapon. A/N: aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yugyeom and Jungkook finally meet!!! This is the longest chapter yet ort BTW!!! GOT7 GOT THEIR FIRST WIN CRIES IM SO PROUD OF THEM let's work even harder to make sure they win even more, okay~?
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