Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


27. Jungkook

The next morning, Eunkyung found Jungkook sitting on her from porch with his gun in his hand and dark shadows under his eyes.


She sat down silently next to him and he angled is head toward her slightly. Up close, he looked even worse. There was smudges of dirt and dust in his face and his jeans were covered in mud from when she pushed him down the day before. But despite how Eunkyung had ridiculed him yesterday, he was still there, sitting out on her porch staring out into the woods.


Jungkook waited for her to break the silence.


"So," Eunkyung started. "You stayed."


"I couldn't let you stay in a house all alone without protection when there are werewolves around."


"You really believe in them, don't you?"


"Well, seeing is believing, isn't it?" Jungkook looked down at his gun and tightened his grip on it. "... Eunkyung, you've gotta believe me."


"Well, I don't." Jungkook turned to her sharply and opened his mouth but Eunkyung interrupted him. "But seeing as you stayed up and spent the whole night on my porch in the middle of fall to make sure I was alright from 'werewolves', I'd be willing to listen to your argument."


Jungkook looked at her for a moment, searching her face for something. He sighed and leaned his head up against the porch's post. Looking pensively out into the think forest, he started to speak.


"I didn't know werewolves were real when I was little. I was just like you." His gaze on the forest was stead, never wavering. "I lived in the woods with my parents, we had this little cottage thing. We lived right on the edge of a national park so there wasn't a lot of locals. Most of the people were just tourist who only stopped by to take in the dights before heading back to a stuffy city."


Eunkyung had crossed her legs and leaned her back up against the other post, giving Jungkook her undivided attention.


"I didn't have a lot of friends, which kinda sucked, but that was okay because my dad and I went on adventures every weekend in the forest. We play pirates or firefighter in the woods for hours before going back home and having my mom's home cooking."


He smiled fondly at the memories.


"It was nice. Sometimes I would play with the kids who were traveling through, but after a while I gave up since they wouldn't came back any time soon.


"Then one day, I ran into this boy, this teenager. God, he must have been like, what? 14? 15? But anyways, he was older than me." He looked a bit sheepish. "And you know how it is when you're a kid. You always want to impress the big kids. So I started trailing after him and bugging him all the time.


"But he was cool with it! With me. He would play with me and run around exploring the forest with me. The first few days with him were some of the best I had had in a long time."


Jungkook's expression grew dark and he furrowed his brows as he glared at the forest.


"But then, it was the full moon. He came around my cottage for dinner that night.


"He seemed reluctant. He said no at first but I just kept bugging him and bugging him until he finally gave in. He said he would come over but he couldn't stay for long.


"At first, everything was fine. He was super nice and my parents really liked him. I had so much fun. But we both lost track of time. He ended up staying until the sunset and the moon rose."


Jungkook closed his eyes and took a deep, shuttering breath. There, leaning up against a post and trying not to cry, Eunkyung realized how small Jungkook really was. He was as skinny as a twig and the big hoodie he was wearing dwarfed his slender frame. He looked so vulnerable.


"It was terrible, Eunkyung. His skin was ripped apart as his snout grew and he screamed as his fangs pushed through his gums. It was disgusting. It wasn't-" He cut off, a lumping growing in his throat and a tear escaped down his cheek. "It wasn't human."


Jungkook took a moment to steal his breath before continuing. 


"After it transformed into a monster, it turned and looked me in the eye. And I knew then, that it wasn't not the hyung I had spent all week with. It charged at me. It was hungry and I was only a kid. I was weak prey.


"My dad jumped out in front of it and try to attract it away from me and my mother. He screamed for us to run. But the wolf swiped him to the side, killing him instantly, before coming for me and my mother.


"She wrapped me up in her arms and started running as fast as she could toward the ranger's station nearby. She held me to her chest and told me not to look back. But the wolf was freakishly fast and caught up to us in no time. It killed my mother and the blood splattered all over my clothes. Then it turned to me.


"I would have been dead if I hadn't been extremely lucky. "


He turned to Eunkyung and looked at her with puffy red eyes.


"A group of werewolf hunters happened patrolling the area, to make sure no werewolves attacked campers. They saw the wolf and shot it with a silver bullet. It fell to the ground in front of me and let out a scream before dying."


Eunkyung placed a hesitant hand on his shoulder, not quite sure what the protocol for this sort of a thing was. However, he seemed to relax into her touch and he smiled slightly at her.


“I was 10. I was just a kid. I didn’t deserve to go through that.”


“And that’s why you don’t want me to be alone in the woods? In case that happens to me?” Eunkyung peered at him, trying to figure this all out.




Jungkook took one her hands and held it in his own. Her hands were small and fragile in comparison to her’s and he felt so protective over her. She was way in over her head with no knowledge of what she was getting herself into. 


“That’s why-“ He hesitated for a moment before shaking his head and fixing her with a determined look. “That’s why I want to to come move in with me and my clan.”



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