Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


10. In 7 Years

“Have any of you guys heard from Yugyeom?” JB asked his pack. “I haven’t seen him in a week.”


GOT7, as they liked to call themselves, was spread out all over the living room of their large cabin in the woods. Jr and Yugyeom were watching stupid youtube videos together and laughing as people hurt themselves being idiots. Bambam had given on of his earbuds to Youngjae and was sharing some music with him. Jackson stretched out on the couch and yammering away about something unimportant to Mark who was silently listening.


The pack looked up at JB and glanced around at the other members.


“I haven’t seen him in a week.” Jr finally spoke up and the rest of the pack agreed with him. 


“Something’s wrong… He’s never gone that long.” JB looked at the window, as if Yugyeom might come bounding up to the door in that instance and happily tell them about the adventures he’s had over the week without them.


“Now that you mention that.” Youngjae shifted uncomfortably. “I have felt kind weird since he’s been gone.”


“He never really goes anywhere since he like to visit Eunkyung every morning…” Mark said.


“We should go look for him.” Jackson said. “He can’t be that far.”


“But he’s a teenager.”Jr said. “He’s over due for some teenage angst. Maybe he had his vision and wanted to just sit on a cliff and howl at the moon about much he’s longing for his mate.”


“But he’d tell us, wouldn’t he?” Bambam look at them all. “He always looks so awkward when we talk about our visions. Wouldn’t he come straight to us to let us know?”


“Either way,” JB rubbed the back of his neck and spoke to his pack. “It’s been a long time. What if he got hurt? We should at least look for him.”


“I agree!” Youngjae jumped up and grabbed his phone from the coffee table. “We need to, just in case something happened! I’ll go check by the road and see if I can pick up his scent. I’ll send a kaokao if I find anything!”


Youngjae went to the hall closet and pulled out a collar with a small phone holster on it. He slip his phone in it and put it around his neck before taking off of his clothes so they wouldn’t land on the floor in a piled heap when he transformed. After folding them up and tucking them away in the closet, he transformed into his wolf form and ran out the front door.


The rest of the pack followed his example. As they split up the rest of the forest between themselves so they could cover more ground, they put their clothes in the closet and put on the collars JB had made for them so they could keep their phones on them when they transformed. 


One by one, JB watched his pack turn into their wolf form and run off into the forest. Once he could no longer see any wolves in the forest, it was his turn to start searching. JB pocketed his phone and left their house, still in his human form. There was one place in the forest he couldn’t go to as a wolf and as the leader of GOT7, it was his job to make sure no stone was left unturned in the search for their pup.


He walked down the forest toward Eunkyung’s cabin. There was a small chance he might be there. She was only a 5 minute run in wolf form and a 20 minute walk in human form away from them so luckily it wasn’t too out of the way. He just didn’t want to risk her seeing him as a wolf. There was no telling how she’d react plus, he needed to have clothes on when he saw her and he didn’t really want to have to put clothes back on in front of her house. You couldn’t wear clothes when you transformed otherwise they would be ruined.


The small path between their houses had been worn into the soil over the past seven or so years. When the pack had first moved into the forest, Eunkyung had lived in the cabin with just herself and her mother. Back then, she was happier. She smiled a lot, though she was still rather quiet; it’s in her nature, and had a few friends that would always come over and play in the woods with her while her mother would be in the kitchen making them lunch.


GOT7 would often watch them in curiosity. Having grown up in a district with only werewolves, they didn’t know a lot about humans outside of the cautionary tales they were told about hunters when they were pups. So often, the small pack would run down this path whenever they heard her playing.


But that only lasted for so long.


Five years ago, all of sudden Eunkyung didn’t play outside anymore. There was an unnatural feeling of silence by her cottage. The pack got worried and took turns waiting outside, watching, and hoping that she was alright.


Then cars started showing up at the cottage. All the visitors were dressed in black and they entered her house with flowers and left crying.


Her mother had died.


The pack went to her funeral as wolves. It was held at a small cemetery at the edge of the woods and they hid behind the trees as they watched the ceremony. They waited until even Eunkyung, who sobbed by herself for hours at the headstone, left and went home. They waited so they could go a pay there respects to the women who meant so much to them even though she’d never know. They waited so they could say good bye.


None of the really said anything, but they all decided to take care of Eunkyung. JB would always ask her took come to dinner, Yugyeom would always check the mail at the same time as her, and the rest would run by her house every now and then to make sure she was alright. 


A maid regularly came by to check up on Eunkyung and make sure she had enough food for about three years, but once she was 16 and she could take care of herself, those visits stopped.


After her mother’s death, Eunkyung never came outside and she never had any friends come over and she never played anymore.


But the pack still cared for her and still looked after her. Out of everyone in the pack though, it seemed to effect Yugyeom the most. The young pup was around her age and always talked about maybe talking to her one day so they could be friends. But since she never came out anymore, he had lost his chance. Yugyeom spent the most time checking in on her, hoping that maybe this time she’ll come out so they can say more than a few things to each other while they go their mail.


All of a sudden, a loud phone ring interrupted JB’s reminiscing. JB pulled out his phone and answered it without checking the ID.


“Did you find, Yugyeom?”


“No, but- oh god there’s so much-” Mark’s voice was staticky, the forest making the signal poor, and his was sounded distressed. “We found his blood.”


A/N: :D


I Hope you guys like that cliffhanger (not that it's really much of one since we know he's alright but still They  don't know that)! But yep! A lot happened in this chapter and we got to see more of our boys! Yay!! So, to recap, GOT7 is worried about Yugyeom since he's been gone a for a week and we learned how the boys feel about Eunkyung and her mother's death! Why wasn't she put in the system since she was young at the time of her mother's death you might ask? Well, I've never said any thing about her father, have I? :D


I hope you guys like this chapter and please comment to tell me what you think!!

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