Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


20. History Lessons

The whole walk over to the boy’s house  was one of the most stressful things Eunkyung had ever done. With every step she took, she was getting closer to her future, whatever that might be.  And while all the boys seemed nice enough and they had looked after her from a far for so long, theres was that devilish nagging in the back of her head that after dinner tonight they might not like her.


But despite the trembling in her fingers and legs and the adrenaline pumping through her body, telling her to run back home and play sick, she made herself climb up the porch’s steps and ring the doorbell.


Eunkyung clutched onto the strap of her purse and a strange sense of relief rushed over her. She had made it. She was too chicken to run away now that she had rung the door bell, she was really going to have dinner with the boys next door.


There was a shuffle from the behind the door and a click as it was unlocked before it flew open. Yugyeom was smiling down at her with the sweetest expression Eunkyung could ever imagine.


“Eunkyung!” He quickly ushered her inside. “Come in! Dinner’s almost ready!”


She smiled and crossed over the housed threshold. The second she was inside the house, she was bombarded by every singe boy talking at once in a wild concoction of “welcome!” and “Eunkyung’s here!”


Before Eunkyung could even begin trying to respond to them, or gosh even ask who was who because she knew names from the conversations she’s had with Yugyeom but she did not know faces at all, one of the boys stepped forward.


“Don’t be so loud!” He scolded them. “How can she understand you if you all talk at once?”


He then turned to her, smiled, and bowed. “I’m JB. It’s nice to finally be able to meet you, Eunkyung.”


“Oh!” What Eunkyung had gathered from Yugyeom about JB was that he was kind of the ring leader of their group and he looked after them. “It’s nice to meet you, too, JB.”


She bowed respectfully at all of them.


“Thank you very much for looking after me all these years.” 


When she straightened up, all of the boys were looking at her kindly.


Just then another boy walked into the room. “Dinner’s on the table. It’s time to eat!”


Everyone crowded around the dinner table and Eunkyung was happily starting to place names to faces.


The boy who had told them dinner was ready was Jr and he loved to pick on Yugyeom since he was the youngest of the group. He obviously adored Yugyeom though since he made him have seconds. The loud one who got offended a lot but ultimately was just trying to make everyone laugh was Jackson and the chattery one with a cute voice next to him was Bambam. The quiet one with a very pretty face was Mark. Sitting next to JB was Youngjae and he seemed super nice.


For years Eunkyung had rudely ignored these boys invitation to dinner but with the way they treated her, you wouldn’t think that.


They all dotted on her and tried to get her to pick who her favorite was.


The boys conversations moved so fast but even if Eunkyung wasn’t sure what was going on, she was still having fun. It was just hard to keep up with boys who lived in each others pockets. Yugyeom seemed to notice that though and talked to her while the other boys argued over something strange and meaningless so she wouldn’t feel awkward.


“You’re still in high school, right?” He asked her while cutting up some beef. “What kind of classes are you taking?”


“Hm…” Eunkyung had to pause for a moment to think. “Well, aside for the required credits, I’m taking an art class and a few extra history classes.”


“Extra History? Doesn’t that mean you have more homework though?” He asked, confused. 


“Well, yeah, but I like keeping myself busy.” Shed down at her plate shying. “And History is really interesting, especially when you look at different people views of the same event.”


“Really?” Yugyeom looked surprised. “But isn’t history based in fact? How would history books different from each other when it’s based on the same thing that actually happened.”


“Well, it all depends on who writes it.”


Seeing that he wasn’t quite understanding what she was saying, Eunkyung quickly thought of an example.


“Here, think of it this way. You and Bambam get in a fight.” The other boy perked up at his name being mentioned and looked over at them. “Bambam tells JB what happens and but you don’t tell JB what happened. You go to Jr and tell him. JB and Jr both write about what happened but from different perspectives because they have nothing else to go off of.”


The rest of the boys had quieted down and were listen to her say more than they had heard from her in all the years they had known her.


“From Jr’s retelling of the story, Bambam started the fight. But from JB’s, you started it. Most likely, however, you both played a hand in provoking the argument.


“History is difficult to pin down and write in black and white. A lot goes on that just doesn’t translate into texts and there are variants between how the story is told even from primary sources. And every good historian knows that history is written by the victors.


“I like taking history classes because it gives me a different perspective on just the standardized history education that the government has picked out for us. Plus, I get to learn a bunch of things that are just glossed over normally.”


“Eunkyung,” Yugyeom said suddenly. The girl flushed, suddenly realizing just how long she had been rambling about boring ol’ history and looked down at her plate. “You’re amazing.”


She looked up with wide eyes.


All of the boys were watching her with a smile on their face, having listen to her whole monologue and not being bored of it one bit.



A/N: It took twenty chapter for Yugyeom and Eunkyung to finally be around each other for more that five seconds and Eunkyung is rambling off about history... Luckily the dinner will be two or three chapters long since we'll be covering some important stuff and also have lots of cute fanservice moments since you guys have been waiting too long for this lol.


Also!! BTS will be coming back into the story again soon. It's been like what, 8 chapters since they last appeared? Yeah sorry about that. I just needed to establish both of them before I can start having it all mash together. 


Fun fact! We are about halfway through the first story arch at this point! I currently have three plotted out. I don't have the ending quite worked out, but considering how much this story has changed, I'm kind of afraid to lol


Anyways!! Yay!! I hope you enjoy this chaper and I'll see you all later! <3

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