Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


33. Fantasy Vs Reality

Much to Eunkyung’s distress, Jungkook refused to see her lack on an answer on joining his clan as disinterest. In fact, it was almost like he saw it as a challenge. The second she left the guest room, Jungkook would be at her side. He would drag her around the house, showing things off and telling her all sorts of stories (half of which she couldn’t even remember since she just smiled and nodded). 


There were a few things, however, that caught Eunkyung’s attention. 


According to Jungkook, werewolf hunters were most prominent during the Joseon period. The princess at the time had a werewolf as a personal guard without anyone knowing. The wolf stood by her side for many months and no one suspected a thing. Then one full moon, the wolf lured her deep into a forest so thick few people ever ventured into it. He killed her and the country was thrown into chaos.


How could the guard of the princess kill her? 


How could the people be sure that the rulers of their country would be safe if the princess had been slaughtered so easily?


A price was put on the guard’s head and many people lusted over the lucrative award.


All of Korea was on a manhunt for the guard. With so many people hunting him, it wasn’t long before he was turned in and given the same fate as the princess. 


However, the question of how to deal with the beastly wolves remained. Once the initial hysteria of the princess’s death had past, much of Korea forgot what had happened and continued on with their lives. Those who couldn’t move on learned everything they could about the beasts and became the first werewolf hunters. For each werewolf they killed, they were rewarded by the crown. This business was pass down from father to son, mother to daughter, even after the fall of the royal family. The hunters continued to kill wolves because it was heir to their blood.


The thing that Eunkyung struggle with the most was the very thought that werewolves existed. When you were little, you were told stories that were meant to be cautionary tales. They weren’t true, even kids knew that, but they carried a lesson that applied to the real world as well. This was beyond that.


Jungkook was holding her hand and trying to convince her that the impossible was true and that the reality she thought she knew all along was wrong. Her self preservation was telling her that this was ridiculous and none of it could be true. Because of there really were wolves, then what else was true? Did brownies move around that necklace that always seemed to vanish when she needed it most? Was the abandoned cottage in the middle of the woods harboring hidden giants? 


The very base of her reality was being shaken by Jungkook’s belief in werewolves.




It was two in the morning.


Eunkyung sat at the kitchen counter drinking some milk. She couldn’t sleep. The bag under her eyes seemed to weigh down her eyelids with a thousand pounds but her eyes refused to stay shut. She was exhausted but she just couldn’t drift off.


As she sipped the milk dully, her head was swimming with thoughts of werewolves and a world hidden from her that seemed too fairy tale to really exist. 


Was Jungkook being honest with her? Or was this all just a joke? Maybe he he just believed whole heartedly in a story he was told when he was younger? But then why would his clan also share that belief? Were they a cult?


There was a shuffle at the door way and Monster stumbled into the kitchen. He rubbed his eyes and let out a large yawn as he made his way to the fridge. 


Monster rummaged around for a moment before picking something up and closing the fridge. 


“He really cares for you, you know.” He spoke before turning around and looking at Eunkyung.


She froze, mid sip.


Swallowing, she replied. “Okay, but he doesn’t need to help me. I’ve been fine for years. It’s not like I needed saving or anything.”


“Sure,” Monster lazily leaned against the counter and looked up toward the ceiling. “You’ve been fine up until now. But you still live on werewolf territory and a wolf would has been targeting you. You were lucky Jungkook was there to scare it off the other night.”


Eunkyung’s grip on her glass tightened.


“The wolf wasn’t threatening me.” She said through gritted teeth. it was difficult, but she fought the urge to tell him that the wolf had been shot on her land. Something told her that was going to do more damage than good.


“Jungkook might be a bit forceful, but he has a heart of gold, Eunkyung.” Monster took a bit out of the apple he took from the fridge. “He just wants you to be safe and he’s doing the best he can with what he knows.”


Eunkyung stood up suddenly. The barstool scraped across the floor with a sharp noise. “That doesn’t explain why he thinks werewolves are real!”


“Seeing is believing, Eunkyung.”


She glared at him. “What’s that suppose to mean? That he’s a kid who was traumatized by his parents death? That he’s making all of this up as a way to cope?”


Eunkyung was desperately looking for an explanation for the unexplainable.


Monster just shook his head. He threw the core of the apple in the trash. “No. He can believe in something that people think is just a fantasy because he’s seen it. You haven’t seen anything but a normal wolf outside your house. You have no idea what kind of power the wolves that live in the forest around your house have.”


“Okay,” She stubbornly refused to believe anything he was saying. None of this “werewolf” nonsense could be real. It just wasn’t logical. “So say these ‘werewolves’ do live by me. Why haven’t they hurt me before now? I‘m a siting duck. I live by myself in a tiny cottage in a forest with a broken lock.”


“Because we have a treaty with them. They can live in that part of the forest as long as they don’t harm any humans and we won’t enter their territory.”


“That’s awfully convenient, isn’t it?” Eunkyung glared at Monster. “This is just some elaborate prank isn’t it?”


Monster opened his mouth to protest but Eunkyung cut him off. “I don’t want to hear it. You’re just going to deny it and stand up for Jungkook.”


Eunkyung shoved the barstool back under the counter and turned. 


“Good night, Monster,” She said over her shoulder. “I’m going to bed.”




A/N: fnegbuwhvnkwh so those plot changes I made earlier totally messed me up.  My plot diagram is pretty much worthless now because of all the changes I've made and I'm flying in the dark while writing. I want to make another one but at the same time, that would be a lot of work so I'm not sure what to do. Anyways, last update of 2015!! I hope you all have a fun, safe new year!! <3333

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