Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


43. Epilogue

A soft spring breeze swept through the back patio of the werewolves’ house, taking with it the sound of Eunkyung’s laughter. The warmth of the air had invited them outside after a long winter and new changes bloomed with the spring.


The main one being Youngjae. That morning the poor boy had run down the stairs looking completely frazzled and said he had dreamed about his soulmate. A nomadic werewolf pack was camping on the wolves’ land for a week before moving on and one of them had entered his dreams.


“Eunkyung stop laughing!” The sweet werewolf desperately whined. “I have no idea how to handle this!”


“I’m sorry,” She tried to stifle her giggles with minimal success. “I just, I guess It’s amusing that you came to me for advice. Yugyeom and I got together years after we first met. And even after we were officially ‘together’ we didn’t really act like it since I was still figuring out how to handle having so many people around me after being alone for so long.”


“But you’re the only one I know who has a mate! How am I suppose to approach her?”


“Well,” Eunkyung finally calmed herself down enough to give him a straight answer. “She’s a werewolf, too, right? Doesn’t that mean she’s going to have visions as well?”


“Yes, but she might not have it until her pack has already left! And then what do I do?” He groaned and covered his face.


Eunkyung chuckled and patted him reassuringly. “Just go talk to her. That’s the simplest thing to do.”


The sliding door to the house opened and Yugyeom poked his head out.


“Hey, Youngjae,” He said. “There’s a girl from the pack here for you? I think it’s your mate?”


Youngjae sputtered before scrambling up and tripping his way to the door in his hast.


Eunkyung laughed and stood up to face her mate. “I was just telling him to go see her, but I guess she beat him too it.”


Yugyeom laughed. “Just from her introducing herself, I have a feeling that’s how their whole relationship is going to be.”


“Really?” Eunkyung said gleefully. “I can’t wait to meet her then.”


“Let’s give them a bit to figure this whole thing out, okay?”


“Of course,” Eunkyung smiled at him.


“Anyways, I have plans for us.” Yugyeom had a proud look on his face and only then did Eunkyung notice that he hid something behind his back.


“Oh, really, and what’s that?” Eunkyung tried to peek behind his back to see what it was but he spun away from her to keep it hidden. They dance around each other like this for a while, giggling and screeching as they played, before Yugyeom finally admitted defeat and showed her what he was hiding.


“I packed us a picnic basket.” Yugyeom held out a basket to her and Eunkyung gladly excepted it.


“Really? Oh my gosh, perfect timing. I’m starving!”


Not wanting to wait a moment longer, Eunkyung opened the picnic basket and started to set everything up on the table. After taking out the disposable dinnerware, she pulled out poorly cut fruit, sandwiches, and store bought pudding cups. It wasn’t anything fancy, but Eunkyung couldn’t help but smile at how sweet the gesture was.


“It looks delicious, Yugyeom!” He beamed at her compliment and quickly sat her down at the table.


“Remember our first kiss?” Eunkyung asked after they had been eating for a while.


“Of course,” Yugyeom smiled fondly. “Did I ever tell you that that was actually one of my visions?”


“What really?”


“Emhm,” Yugyeom set down his pudding cup and rested his jaw in his hands so he could look at his mate better. “I have to say though, it was magical for it to actually happen.”


“We danced around my living room to that song and sang along really badly,” Eunkyung smiled as they reminisced. “And then you leaned in a said you were glad I was your mate.”


“And you leaned in and kissed me.”


The couple smiled at each other, so wrapped up in their own little world that nothing could disturb them.


“I was so worried you didn’t actually like me. You were affectionate with me one second and then you wouldn’t even talk to me for a few days. We said we were together, but it honestly felt like we weren’t at times.”


She hummed. “Sorry about that. I just needed some time to adjust to suddenly having so much affection and time with other people after being isolated after my mom’s death.”


Yugyeom chuckled and leaned down to peck her cheek. “It’s okay. I understand now.”


They shared a moment of silence. They had finished eating and content themselves with just staring into each others eyes.


Then Yugyeom looked away and shuffled in his pocket for something. 


The first few bars of the song they had danced to before their first kiss, their song, started playing from his phone and Eunkyung laughed. Yugyeom got up and bowed to her very dramatically.


“Will you do me the honor of having this dance?” He asked in a very regal voice.


“You’re so cheesy!” She giggled furiously but still took his hand.


“You love it,” He smirked and started to lead her in a familiar dance.


“Yep, and I love you.”


“I love you, too.”


Then he leaned down and captured her lips in his own.


As they kissed, Eunkyung couldn’t help but marvel in how much her life had changed since she had save Yugyeom. She had lived alone and the only person she ever talked to was her father on his monthly visits to bring her money. But now she had a family. The pack had accepted her as one of their own and now she never went longer than a few hours with at least one of them texting her.


She was incredibly lucky to no longer be alone and she had no one else to thank but he wonderful mate, Kim Yugyeom.


A/N: The End!


Thank you so much you guys for supporting me though this story! It's been almost a year and 2 months since I first starting writing this story and I am so proud of myself that I stuck with it. While there are a lot of problems with it since it grew so much while I was writing it, I'd say it turned out alright. I learned a lot from writing it and I know my stories will only get better from here! This is the very first multichapter story I've every written and It's also the longest at 55,365 words. Thank you so much!!


Now here are the answers to a few questions I'm sure I'm going to be asked.


Will there be a Sequel? Nope! I have no where else to go with Eunkyung and Yugyeom's story. Just assume they live happily after and have a cute litter of werewolf pups when they get older!

What about a spin off? Maybe! I really like this universe and there is a lot to it that I was able to show off. I have no plans to as of right now though and I have no ideas other than maybe something with Minji but that's about it. There's about a 1/4 chance it'll happen.

What are you going to write next???



This is for all ya'll who were rooting for Jungkook until he turned out to be an asshole! 

Motel's Down Route 66 is paranormal coming of age featuring everyone's favorite bunny!

While ghosts are the main focus of the story, I promise it isn't horror! (I am way too much of a weenie to do anything scary lmao) I started writing it in November so there's already 12 chapters up but I put it on hold to finish Silver Rose. I'm really proud of it and (personally) I think it's already a lot more interesting than Silver Rose! I'm going to take a short two week break to go over plot diagrams and such before I start start posting again, but it would mean a lot to me if you went and supported Motel's Down Route 66! 



Again!! Thank you so much for all your support and I love you guys so much!!

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