Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


37. Envelopes and Hunter's Scent

Eunkyung set a cup of tea in front of her father. It was stronger than he liked it, but Eunkyung didn’t care. He never drank any anyways.


She sat across from him in the kitchen and took a sip of her own tea. Saying nothing, she peers over her cup and looks at him.


Her father reaches into the coat pocket of his suit and pulls out an envelope. He set is down in the table between them and slide it across the surface. Eunkyung accepted it and put it in her duffle bag wordlessly.


“I got a raise at work so I gave you a little bit extra. Go buy yourself something pretty. There’s more than enough in there to cover your school expenses and groceries.” He was the first to speak.


Eunkyung nodded. “The front door knob is broken. Could you get someone to fix it?”


“Hm… Yeah, I’ll get right on it.” He took out his phone distractedly. “What’s wrong with it?”


“The lock is faulty. You can open the door if you kick it just right.”


“I see. I’ll someone in to fix it with in the week.” He gave her half of his attention as he typed something on his phone, undoubtably for work.


Eunkyung sighed and rolled her eyes before taking another sip tea. She had no idea why he insisted on coming to give her the check in person. He and her mother had divorced shortly after Eunkyung had been born. For years she never visited him since he had given her mother full rights to her. It was only after mothers death that he came back into her life. The two had never really had any kind of a relationship before and they only had one now out of legal obligation. When her mother passed, Eunkyung requested that a nanny look after her until she was old enough to take care of herself. At 16, Eunkyung started living on her own. A year later, she was doing well and taking care of herself on her own. Her father only financially supports her.


“How has school been?” He asked her suddenly, almost as if it was an after thought.


“It’s been good,” Eunkyung rolled her eyes and fiddled with her sleeve as she kept her tone light and cheerful. “I’m on the A/B Honor roll. I have lots of friends. I’m bullied everyday. I skip gym to go fight with a gang and beat them all up, 10 on 1. But my binder broke last week so I’ll have to buy a new one. ”


“That’s good, I’m glad,” Her father put the phone back on the counter and Eunkyung let out a huff. If he actually wanted to try to be a good father, he’d at least pay attention to her the one time a month they actually had time together. Eunkyung had long since given up any hope that he’d be an actual father figure to her.


He’s been a father for 17 years and he still has no idea how to be a father.


Suddenly, his phone vibrated on the table. They both looked at it and her father froze up and let out a low swear when he saw the caller ID.


“I’m sorry, Sweetheart, I have to take this.” Her father stood up and quickly grabbed his briefcase. 


Eunkyung furrowed her brow at the awkward pet name but stood up to walk him to the door. She trailed behind him awkwardly as he skipped pleasantries with the person on the other end and went straight to arguing with them. It was something about a certain stock dropping lower then it was suppose to but Eunkyung couldn’t care less about the specifics.


While her father was furiously talking, she opened the front door to let him out. 


At the threshold, he hesitated for a moment before holding out a hand for Eunkyung to shake. Then he seemed to realize the he was trying to give his biological daughter a handshake as a way of parting. He awkwardly moved his hand around for a moment while he tried to figure out what to do while still maintain the intense argument he was in the middle of on the phone.


“Well, do something to fix it! That’s your job, isn’t it?” He said as he settled on patting Eunkyung on the shoulder before quickly scurrying out to his car.


Eunkyung doesn’t watch her father go. She closes the door behind him and unpacks all her clothes. She puts her dirty clothes in the wash and put her dad’s check on the table by the door to deposit next time she went into town. Letting out a sigh now that all her responsibilities are taken care of, Eunkyung went back to her room to get ready to go over to the boys next door.




The werewolves hatched a small plan while they waited for Eunkyung to come over. Telling her now was agreed upon, they just had to figure out how to do it. After pitching around a few ideas, they came up with something they all agreed would work the best. They would tell her everything about them being werewolves over dinner. If things went bad and they needed to make a quick escape, there was a door to the outside that lead to the forest. However, they all hopped it wouldn’t come to that.


Yugyeom sat by front door and watched it intently as he waited for Eunkyung. He hugged a pillow and rested his chin on it. He hadn’t seen Eunkyung since the incident with the hunter at her house and honestly he was really nervous about how she’s react to finding out what he really was. 




Scratch that.


He was terrified.


As much as he cared for her, they were just beginning to get closer to each other. After years of sitting around and watching her from afar, Yugyeom was finally able to go up to her and ask her how her day was. He could bring her home with him and talk about all the different things the rest of the pack were up to. He could eat meals with her and play video games with her. Heck, he’d even made her laugh with really cheesy jokes before. But even so, they had only just become friends.


If she rejected them as werwolves, he would loose any chance he’d have with her before he’d even gotten to kiss her cheek.


So he waited for her to come, feeling like he was waiting for his own execution.




There was a soft knock on the door and Yugyeom’s head whipped up. He had dozed off while waiting for her.


Quickly standing up, he shoved the pillow he had been hugging back on the chair and ran over to the front door. Not even hesitating, he threw the door opened.


Standing there, in all her glory, was his mate.


Her brown hair fell softly on her shoulders and she was wearing a thick sweater to guard against the cold fall air. Even though she stood a few feet away he could smell the faint scent of flowers coming from her.


“Eunkyung, welcome back,” He smiled at her and stood to the side so she could enter.


She grinned and walked over the threshold and passed him. 


But as her hair fluttered passed him, he smelt the foul stench of something that didn’t belong on his mate at all.




The scent of the hunters was faded in comparison to her own, but it was still evident.


Yugyeom had to swallow a growl in the back of his throat.


They can’t have her, his wolf side snarled, she’s mine.


A/N: *huffs* We're finally!! Getting!! To the good stuff!! With Eunkyung and Yugyeom!!! After over 30 chapters!!! *wheezes* Okay lesson learned, make sure that the two leading characters have BOAT LOADS of time together otherwise the story get boring to write. I can't believe I've written 43K of this. There should at least be romantic tension by chapter 15 that is my new rule from now on.

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