Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


15. Different Worlds

The wolf had taken to following Eunkyung every where she went in her cabin. 


The wound in his side had scabbed over and was growing smaller everyday. All of a sudden, he was healing at an alarmingly fast rate. He could walk a lot more freely now and Eunkyung didn’t need to periodically bring water over to him anymore. She just sat out a water bowl for him and he would take care of himself.


Even though he could take care of himself now and go wherever he wanted, the wolf was still attached to her.


He would lay his head on her feet like a pillow when she worked on her homework and stand between her legs while she cooked. When she finally went to bed, he would curl up on the ground next to her bed and face the door, as if to guard her from intruders. Everyday when she came home from school, he’d be sitting at the front room’s window on the look out for her return.


Eunkyung still couldn’t find a name that fit the wolf. 


Somewhere along the way, she had given up trying and just called him “wolf.” The wolf was a comforting presence in her previously empty home. After years of just pictures of her mother and her as a kid being the only sign of another person in the house, it was a much needed change in her lonely life.


However, nothing can last forever.


When Eunkyung came home from school one day, the wolf was waiting for her on the porch. He laid across it with his nose pointing toward the path she walked down from her driveway to get to the house. His ears were perked up, like he had heard her coming. When she came into view, he stood up and his tail began to wang.


He held something in his mouth but Eunkyung couldn’t make out what it was.


“Hey, what are you going outside? Who let you out?” She jokingly asked him.


Eunkyung jogged over to the wolf so she could give him some attention. The closer she got to him, the more excited he got. He began to pace up and down the porch and his tail was going so fast his whole body wiggled with it.


“Hey, boy!” She plopped down next to him and scratched him behind the ear. “Whatcha got there?”


She held out her palm to him and he dropped it in her hand, a nifty trick she got him to start doing a few days prior. 


Some beautiful flowers, though covered in slobber and kind of chewed, fell into her hand. The wolf then licked out her cheek and jumped down from the porch. He took a few steps away from Eunkyung’s cottage towards the woods before looking back at her.


“Wait… What…” Eunkyung watch the wolf take a few more steps before looking back at her. “Are… Are you leaving?”


The wolf looked at her for a few more moments. 


Eunkyung slowly stood up and took a few steps toward him.


“Can I at least say good bye?” She took another step.


The wolf came running back to her, like he could understand what she was saying, and curled himself around her legs. Eunkyung dropped to the ground and wrapped her arms around the wolf before burying her face in her soft fur.


She had known that the wolf couldn’t stay with her forever. There was only so much she could do. The wolf was a wild animal. It was accustom to running through the woods and hunting with its pack, not waiting for one girl to get home and cuddle with before sleeping. The wolf needed wide open spaces and nature. It was selfish of her to want him to not go home.


But Eunkyung came to love the wolf. It was nice to have someone waiting for her when she got home from school and someone to take care of other than herself. It added another dimension to life that Eunkyung had forgotten since her mother had pasted. She had forgotten the consideration that came with caring for others.


The wolf gently licked at the exposed back of her neck and she breathed in the familiar earthy scent of his fur. Eunkyung felt her eyes get moist and a tear fell down her cheek.


She quickly pulled away and wiped her eyes.


“Good bye, wolf,” Even though she was trying not to cry, Eunkyung still found herself sniffing a bit. “Come visit, okay?”


Even though she knew wolves couldn’t smile, it really seemed like the wolf grinned at her invitation. He leaned toward her and rested his wet nose against her’s. Then he gave her one last lick on the cheek before pulling away from her.


Eunkyung stayed on the ground as she watched her wolf walk away from her and into the woods. Where the trees started to get thick, Eunkyung could just barely make out a pack of wolf watching her wolf walk toward them. Her wolf gave her one last look before joining the pack. Together, they ran off into the woods, leaving Eunkyung all alone at her cottage again.




Youngjae nuzzled into Yugyeom’s side when the pup joined his pack once again. He could sense the sadness radiating from him and gave him a quick lick to try to sooth him as best he could. Yugyeom brushed Youngjae’s side with his tail then started to walk back to the pack’s house.


The rest of GOT7 followed behind him. They watched the pup solider on and force himself away from the house. His steps where heavy and they dragged across the ground. He pointedly looked straight forward with the goal of going back home. 


If he looked back now, Yugyeom knew he would never want to leave Eunkyung’s small cozy cabin. It had come to feel like a second home. But they lead different lives.


Eunkyung was a human. She had no ties to the supernatural world and knew nothing about the complex reality that was hidden from her kind in plain sight.


Yugyeom was a werewolf. He was born into the world the supernatural. He had grown up learning to never trust witches, vampires are selfish beasts, and that hunters always break promises.


No matter how much Yugyeom liked Eunkyung, she did not belong in his world.

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