Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


25. Concealed Death



Studying with Jungkook was going alright, Eunkyung guessed.


It was kinda boring and honestly, she’d pretty much would rather being doing anything else, but it wasn’t the worst thing she’s ever had to deal with on a Friday.


Jungkook was pretty patient and he asked a lot of good questions. And once she taught him how to do the chart, she was pretty much just there to check his answers. So Eunkyung was sitting on the floor with Jungkook scribbling furiously in his notebook while she went over her notes for one of her history classes. Everyone in a while, she’d glance at the clock and sigh internally.


But, oh well. 


At least the rice crispy treats were pretty good.


Though Eunkyung was pretty sure she wasn’t going to need any dinner after how many she had mindlessly devoured.


Sometime between 7 and 8, there was a loud thump coming from the entryway and Eunkyung and Jungkook both whipped their heads up.


“What was that?” Jungkook furrowed his brow and sat up straight.


Eunkyung put down the sweet in her hand and stood up. “I don’t know. Let me go check.”


“Let me,” Jungkook started to get up but a sharp look from Eunkyung made him sit right back down.


“It’s my house and you’re my guest. I’ll check.” She said with finality.


Jungkook watched her disappear down the hall as she went to discover what made the mysterious thumping.


Eunkyung unlocked the front door and poked her head out, just enough so she could see what was outside but could still quickly escape back into her house if anything scary was outside.


You know, just to be on the safe side.


At first, as she glanced around, Eunkyung didn’t see any out of the ordinary.


But then she felt something warm by her feet and she glanced down at the ground.


There, sitting by her feet and looking up at her with adorable affection, was her wolf.


For a split second, Eunkyung felt her heart soar. She had seen him in week. It was like an old friend had come back to catch up with her over some coffee and muffins at an old hang out.


But then she remembered who was in the house with her.


Specifically, the cafe that he spends a lot of time at and a certain rug that seemed to be haunting her at this point.


Eunkyung glanced behind herself, praying to anyone who would listen that Jungkook would let her handle this and not question what the sound was too much. She turned back to the wolf and tried to shoo him away. Waving her hands wildly because she couldn’t make a sound for fear of Jungkook hearing, she sent the wolf a panicked look to try to convey her urgency.


The wolf just tilted his head to the side, obviously not getting the message.


“What was it, Eunkyung?” Jungkook called from the living room. “Is everything alright?”


Before she could even say anything, Jungkook had left the living room and walked into the entryway. She went to slam the door shut and was thinking fast about something, anything she could tell him to get him back in the living room and away from the wolf. She had spent weeks nursing him back to health from a bullet wound and that was not something she was eager to do again any time soon.


Jungkook grabbed the door and opened it before she even had a chance to.


The eyes of the wolf and the eyes of the hunter met.


Time seemed to stop for a second.


Then everything seemed to happen at once.


Jungkook instinctually reached beneath his shirt and pulled something out from a holster hidden in the gentle curve of his back. The object had a black metallic glint that made Eunkyung’s eyes widen as she realized what he was holding.


A shot gun.


Jungkook had brought a small concealed shot gun to her home.


Thinking quickly, Eunkyung lunged forward and slammed her body into her classmate. He tumbled over to the side, caught by surprise, and Eunkyung came down with him. They landed together in a tangled mess of limbs. 


Jungkook groaned in pain and Eunkyung pushed herself up to glare at him.


“Pardon my french,” Her voice shook with more fury than she had ever felt in her whole life. “But what the ever lasting fuck are you doing with a gun in my house?!”


“Look, you live in the forest. There’s a lot of wolves-” Suddenly he sat up and whipped around to the door.


The porch was empty and the night was silent.


It was like the wolf had never been there.


Jungkook let out a low swear and pushed Eunkyung off of him.


She let a awkward mix of a groan and a shriek as she toppled over onto the cold, hard ground.


Jungkook completely ignored her and ran out onto the porch. He glanced around in the forest squinting a bit, before dropping to the ground and inspecting the path that led to her house. Eunkyung picked herself up and stomped over to him angrily.


He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t even notice Eunkyung until she shoved his shoulder and he fell onto the ground.


“I’ll ask you one more time before I kick you off my property!” She yelled down at him. “Why the fuck do you have a gun?!”


Jungkook looked up at her, stunned, like he couldn’t quite grasp why she was upset with him.


“But… There was a wolf on your porch, Eunkyung.” He furrowed his brow. “Wolves are dangerous.”


“Oh, not this again!” She crossed her arms and turn away from him. “You don’t actually believe that there are such things as werewolves in the forest do you? That’s just a story grandma’s use to try to impress their grandkids when they come visit her.”


Jungkook stood up and looked down at the ground with a dark look in his eyes.


“I wish it was just a story.” He mumbled, his voice heavy with regret.


“What the hell? You actually believe in that-”


“I don’t believe,” He suddenly looked Eunkyung in the eye with  the gaze of someone who had lost innocence and could never get it back. “I know.”


“So, You’re telling me you’ve “seen”,” She put air quotations around seen, feeling too angry to even care about his feelings right that second. “Werewolves?”


“I haven’t just seen then. Eunkyung,” He suddenly looked away and screwed his eyes shut, as if the next words he stoke physically pained him.


“They killed my parents in front of me.”





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