Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


29. Bad Luck

Eunkyung climbed up the stairs and shut the door behind her with a soft click. She sighed and leaned against the door, trying to wrap her head around everything. 


It seemed like tonight, she wold not be sleeping in her own bed. 


She straightened herself and walked over to her closet. Shoved in the corner was a large bag for traveling that was covered in dust. There was never a need for her to travel or spend time any were over night so hadn’t even touched it in years. Pulling it out, she set it down on her bed before turning around and confronting her dresser. She yanked some clothes out carelessly, not even caring if they matched. At this point, Eunkyung really just wanted to get this over with so she can come back home as soon as possible.


She could care less about Jungkook and his thing with wolves.


She could care less about how he thought she was in danger.


After living in these woods for her whole life, She had confidence that she was safe here. 


But for the sake of her wolf, she’d do what she had to do to keep him safe. Even if that meant spending a few nights with Jungkook and his clan of hunters.


After double checking she had all her necessities, Eunkyung took one last look at her room before turning the light off and leaving with Jungkook.




JB was normally one of the first in his pack to get up in the morning. He was more of a morning person by nature. He enjoyed the brisk morning air and watching the fog roll across the forest floor, leaving dew across leaf covered ground. With a cup of hot, bitter coffee and a quick morning work out, He was ready to face the day. It had even gotten to the point were he would wake up with the sun naturally.


But the morning after Yugyeom had found the hunter at Eunkyung’s house, JB did not wake up naturally.


A cute, twittering giggle had woken had woken him up.


To comfort their pup, they had all slept together. The entire pack was stretched out and curled up in various positions across the living room. In the night, JB had insured that all of them had their collars on with their phones in their holster, incase the hunter decided that now was the time to attack them and they needed a quick get away. 


It was comforting for JB to see his pack all together like this. Sometimes it was too easy to take the brotherhood they had for granted. 


There was another giggle and JB glanced over were it was coming from. In the middle of the room, underneath Jackson and Bambam, was Yugyeom. 


All of the yesterday’s distress was gone from his face and was replaced by a sweet smile. The pup seems perfectly content and happy, even occasionally giggling like a school girl with a crush. 


JB raised his eyebrows and sat down next to him to study his face. Yugyeom sometimes talk in his sleep but it was rare. Normally it only happened when he was having significant dreams, like nightmares. But there he was, giggling up a storm as he laid to rest.


Jr, who was sleeping next to him, tired and slowly got up. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes before glancing to the side and casting his gaze to their pup. 


“Someone’s having fun.” He mused and stretched with a sleepy moan. “Do you think he’s doing better after yesterday?”


“He’s still asleep,” JB answered. “Its easy to forget about your problems when you’re out of touch with reality.”




When the whole pack had woken up, Jr made an easy breakfast of fruit and pancakes. He gave everyone their own plate and they all sat in a circle around the living room. 


Now, a meal with them was normally a noisy experience. All seven of them had been friends for so long that they didn’t feel the need to be all primed and proper. They were loud and yells and laughed and teased each other relentlessly. It made for a fun atmosphere where anything could happen.


But today, everyone was quiet. Even Jackson and Bambam kept their heads down and silently chewed their food. The weight of yesterday was still burdening them. Every so often, one of them would glance at all the windows to make sure that there weren’t any hunters lurking outside the windows.


The tension was unbearable and Jr was getting annoyed. While he carefully chewed his food, he watched Yugyeom. The pup wasn’t in a good mood. Whatever the dream he had had was about, it obviously wasn’t as happy in reality as it was in a dream.


“So, Yugyeom,” Jr started. He looked at he food as he cut up his pancakes to try to look casual. “You kept laughing in your sleep last night. Did you have a good dream?”


The pack, who were not oblivious to his down-trotted mood, all looked over at Yugyeom. The pup suddenly was very interested in his food and a faint color came to his cheeks. 


“It was just a dream,” He said vaguely before stuffing a bunch of food into his mouth so he couldn’t speak. 


“Seriously?” Jackson had latched onto his pink cheek like a Grandma and pinched them harshly. “You blush like that and you expect us to believe you?”


“Hyung,” Yugyeom shot him a death look and squirmed his way out of his grasp. “Why are you so interested in what I dream about? You’re like a Grandma who has nothing to fill her time except gossiping about worthless things to her friends.”


Jackson gasped and held his hand to his chest, highly offended.


“How dare you! I am your hyung! I practically raised you myself! You should be grateful! You should be down on your hands and knees thanking me!”


Yugyeom made a stank face at Jackson. “Why should I be grateful to you? Jr and JB have been better to me that you.”


Jackson sputtered in offense and Jr quickly interrupted.


“Don’t try to change the subject, Yugyeom.” Jr spoke back up and the pup look disgruntled that he hadn’t been successful. 


“Yeah, don’t try to change the subject, Yugyeom!” Jackson jeered in the background.


“Shut up!” Yugyeom gave Jackson another dirty look. 


Yugyeom was quiet for a second, careful considering what he was going to tell his pack. Going off of the look Jr had given him earlier, Jr knew what was up and their was no point in trying to lie his way out of it. Really, his only option was to tell them about his vision as much as possible and hope they didn’t ask to many questions.


“I-I had a vision last night.”


The entire pack exploded. Jr and JB exchanged glances while Jackson started going off even though no one was listening to him. Bambam was absolutely beaming as he started begging Yugyeom to tell them everything about his mate. Youngjae kept saying various amazed interjections in cutely accented english. Mark had a relieved expression on his face and smiled. 


Yugyeom let them clammer for a while while he quickly tried to figure out what to tell them. He knew so much about Eunkyung. A thousand small details about her had taken over his dreams for year and he was practically reeling with having to choose just now or two things to feed his pack. 


“I don’t remember what she said,” He started. “But she has a very sweet voice and a necklace shaped like a rose.” 


Jb immediately perked up and fixed Yugyeom with a look. “Doesn’t Eunkyung wear a necklace like that all the time?”


He stiffened and looked down at the ground, not quite sure what to say.


“Yugyeom,” Jr said. “How long have you had visions?”


“…” The jig was up. There was no way he’d be able to cover up who his mate was. Jr and JB fixed him the kind of stare that only came out when they knew everything and there was no way he could lie.


“Since I was 10,” He confessed. “Every night since the day we moved into this cabin.”


“What?” Bambam’s eyes were wide. “You never told me!”


“Because I know who my mate is. And I’m scared.” Yugyeom put his plate to the side and curled up in a ball.


“Why would you be scared?” Jackson soothingly started rubbing the pup’s back and spoke comfortingly, genuinely. “You know we’ll accept your mate no matter what. We’d be the last people to judge you.”


“Because it's Eunkyung and human mates are bad luck.”



A/N: So, I'm gunna give you guys they honey and the hatchet. The honey is we have one more chapter until the end of this story arch!! The hatchet is I'm probably not going to have enough chapters to post an update evey week. You know how life seems to happen all at once? I have a nasty upper and lower lung infection that's been giving me a hard time for the last 3 weeks and family visiting all at the same time. I'm almost better now but I've has so little energy these past few weeks that I haven't been writing much. if I have any freetime this coming week, I'll try to write what I can, but I'm going to be real here and tell you that's probably not going to happen. 

So, unfortunatly, Silver Rose is probably going to be put on hold during November while I work on my nanowrimo. 

I'm really wanted to be able to update but my health has not allowed for that. :(

Anyways!! I hope you all enjoy this chapter (sorry for the cliff hanger) and I hope you have a wonderful week! <3

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