Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}

Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural war that she took them seriously.


42. An Agreement

Eunkyung and Yugyeom walked hand in hand to his house when it was time for lunch. When they entered the house, it took one second for Bambam to see their clasped hands before pure chaos broke out.


“OH MY GOD THEY’RE HOLDING HANDS!” He screamed at the top of his lungs and there was audible sounds of the whole pack running rom every corner of the house to see.


It took a while for all of excited werewolves to calm down enough for Eunkyung and Yugyeom to even be able to get a word in. JB finally managed to get everyone to quiet down and they all looked at the pair expectantly.


“Eunkyung knows that we’re mates-” The entire pack cheered. “-But we’ve decided to take things slow for now.”


“But are you in a relationship?” Bambam badgered insistently.


Yugyeom looked at Eunkyung helplessly. The two had’t defined what they were yet. This was such a recent development that they hadn’t had a chance to feel things through or have a proper discussion about what they were looking for.


But looking at Yugyeom, who had quickly become one of her best friends, look so nervous but hopeful made Eunkyung sure what she needed to do. He had taken the first big step by confessing after all these years, it was her turn to take a big step to be at his side.


“We are.” She piped up but then quickly covered her face with her hand, hoping to hid her flushed face.


As the rest of the pack cheered, Eunkyung glanced to the side and saw Yugyeom looking please with a light dusting of pink on his cheeks.


After the initially excitement, the pack calmed down and day went on normal, but not without the necessary teasing of Yugyeom and cooing when they held hands.


When the sun started to go down, Yugyeom offered to walk Eunkyung hold.


As they walked, they talked about all sorts of things.


“By the way, Eunkyung,” He said at one point. “The full moon is tomorrow so don’t come over.”


“Oh,” She looked surprised. “Okay.”


“It’s not like you're going to be in any danger,” He said quickly. “We just spend the whole day preparing for the full moon so we won’t be able to hang out very much.”


“No, it’s cool I understand. What do you guys do on the full moon?”


“We lock ourselves in our basement.”


“Really?” She raised her eyebrows.


He nodded. “We need to be sure that we can’t hurt anyone, so we just hid ourselves until it’s over.”


“That doesn’t sound very fun, but I guess the full moon isn’t fun to begin with.” She gave his hand a squeeze. “Can I come over and make breakfast for you in the morning? I doubt you’ll have energy to cook after going through all that.”


Yugyeom moaned. “That sounds amazing, we normally just have ramen after the full moon.”


Eunkyung laughed. “Alright, I’ll be sure to make a lot of food. What time should I come over?”


“Eleven. We’ll probably leave the basement around 12 (we can’t sleep during the night so we always pass out in the morning) so you’ll have plenty of time to get the food ready.”


When they came to a stop in front of Eunkyung’s house, they looked at each other for a moment, both unsure how to part now that they were together. Just saying good night didn't feel intimate enough. Stealing some courage, Eunkyung leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.


“Good night, Yugyeom. See you later?” She asked timidly.


Yugyeom smiled and made a small noise. He was shy looking from the ground to her but Eunkyung knew it was just because he too was feeling bashful. Yugyeom watched her walk to her porch to make sure she got inside alright. After she gave him on last wave before disappearing into his house, he went back home.




After physics the next day, Jungkook stopped Eunkyung and talked to her.


“Hey, can I drive you home today?” He asked.


She gave him a skeptical look and shifted her books in her arms. “Why? Is it because it’s the full moon?”


“Do you seriously still not believe in werewolves after-” Eunkyung cut him off.


“No, I believe in werewolves.” She scowled at him. “What I don’t believe is your completely backward attitude toward them. I’ve met the wolves that live next to me and they’re very nice people. They’ve talked to me about the full moon and I feel perfectly safe knowing the precautions they’re taking.”


“They killed my parents and dozens of other people!”


“If one human is a killer it doesn’t make us all killers. That’s completely backwards logic.” She challenged. “Even if I wanted to believe your view that they’re all killers, I wouldn’t be able to trust you because yourself are one! I knows you’ve killed wolves before, your whole house is covered in trophies. You’re such a hypocrite, Jungkook! Even after all you’ve done and all you’ve said, somehow you still think I’m going to blindly follow you and take your word as gospel!”




“No, but nothing! You know what Jungkook, I am so done with you. I’m sick and tired of you bothering me and making me uncomfortable. Never come near me again! I don’t want to be your friend or talk to you or even see you because I’m just so done!”


Jungkook at least had the decency to look a little bit ashamed of himself, but Eunkyung didn’t give him the luxury of spending a moment more with her in his presence. She turned heel and stormed down the hall to her next class.


However, the universe didn’t want Eunkyung and Jungkook’s strained relationship to be over quite yet.


When the sun was setting later that night, there was a knock on her door while she was cooking dinner. Walking to the front door, she wiped her hand on her apron before going to see who it was. She unbolted the door and opened it. Jungkook and the hunters stared back at her with tense expressions on their faces.


Eunkyung moved to close the door in their face. Monster quickly jammed his foot in the door way and Eunkyung glared at him.


“What?” She crossed her arms and leaned against the doorway. 


“We’re here to protect you, Eunkyung!” J Hope smiled, as he always did, even when it was inappropriate.


Eunkyung was unimpressed.


“And why would I need protecting?” She raised an eyebrow. “Is this because of the full moon?”


“Yeah,” Jin shifted a silver baseball bat on his shoulder. “That’s the idea.”


“I’m perfectly fine.” Eunkyung directed her glare at Jungkook, who was guiltily trailing behind the group. “And I can take care of myself. As I told Jungkook earlier, I’ve talked to the wolves who live next door and I feel perfectly safe.”


“Even if the wolves next door don’t hurt you, who’s to say one that isn’t a part of the pack doesn’t attack you?” Monster spoke up.


Eunkyung eyed him for a moment before sighing and going back into her house. “Okay, fine, whatever. I don’t care. Just know I’m not happy about this.”


Eunkyung went back to cooking (chopping the vegetables with a little more force than necessary) while the hunters entered and started to set up camp in the living room.


“Eunkyung seems really protective of the wolves…”




“Hopefully she won’t get too involved with them.”


Chop chop


“Yeah, it’s better if she stays away from those mangy mutts.”


Chop chop chop


“Yeah, one of them will probably do something stupid like turn into a wolf and go rabid.”




Eunkyung slammed the knife down on the counter and grabbed her earbuds and phone. She stomped passed the living room (ignoring the feeling of the boy’s eyes on her) and wrenched the front door open.


“Eunkyung,” Jungkook cried. “Where are you going? It’s not safe!”


“Well apparently,” She snarled. “I can’t be safe from people who insult my friends in my own home, so I’m leaving.”


“Eunkyung-Eunkyung no!”


Without looking back, Eunkyung stormed from her cottage. She walked along with trail leading away from her house.


“Eunkyung please!” Jimin called after her. “Be reasonable!”


She could hear the hunters running after her and fury ignited her veins. She shoved her earbuds in and turned up her music loudly.


No longer hearing the boys coming after her, she sprinted away. How dare those hunters insult her pack, her mate, when they knew nothing. Their silly thoughts were based on nothing but a silly rumor passed though word of mouth for 100 years and a few bad wolves. They’re prejudice was completely unfounded.


Her feet pounded to the heavy beat of the music, propelling her forward. She couldn’t hear anything, not the sound of her feet or the crunch of the snow, or the howl in the distance.


All the mattered was that she get as far away from them as possible.


She was completely oblivious to her surrounding, and that’s why it she couldn’t have prevented what happened next even if she wanted to.


Something sharp bit into her ankle and pulled her down to the ground with a snarl. She hit the ground with a scream, her earbuds falling out, and she was met face to face with a wild werewolf. 


The wolf shook it’s head and Eunkyung screamed in agony, clawing at the ground to try to get away. It felt like the flesh was being torn away. She looked around wildly, trying to find anything she could use to fight off her attacker.


The hunters had caught up to her and were looking out in horror.


“Suga!” Monster yelled. “Shoot the wolf!”


“I can’t!” The boy gave his leader a helpless look. “I can’t guarantee I won’t hit Eunkyung!”


Monster swore.


The hunters watched the wolf snarl and drag Eunkyung toward the house they were by. But suddenly, there was a loud growl and another wolf pounced on the one attack her. It’s claws racked into it’s side and it released her with a yelp. Eunkyung sampled away from the fight wolves. The hunters quickly ran to her and Jungkook scooped her up in his arms. He ran to get her to safety while the other hunters covered for them. 


Eunkyung watched the two wolves fighting in horror over Jungkook’s shoulder.


The silver fur of the one who saved her was so familiar she would have recognized him with her eyes closed.


Yugyeom had saved her.


Those were her last thoughts before peaceful unconsciousness swept over her.




Eunkyung wakes up the next morning groaning in pain. Her leg felt like it had been ripped open and there were bruises all over her body. It felt like she was in hell but when she looked down, suddenly everything wasn’t as painful as it was before.


Surrounding her bed was all the members of the pack, sleeping in various awkward positions. Jr and JB were curled up together in the corner with a blanket wrapped around them. Jackson, Youngjae, and Bambam were in a large dog pile together right by the door. Mark was stretched out on the ground with half his legs under the bed.


But Yugyeom?


Yugyeom warmed Eunkyung’s heart the most.


He was sitting on one of her dining room chairs next to her bed, slumped over the mattress. His face was facing her and his hair fell over his eyes. Eunkyung reached out and pushed it out of his face.


Yugyeom stirred and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He looked her for a moment before he smiled sweetly at her.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Sore, but no permanent damage.” She reached out and laced their fingers together. “What about you? Did you get hurt?”


“Nothing worth noting.” He squeezed her hand.


“Are you sure?” She whispered, careful not to disturb the others. “Because i wouldn’t mind nurse my favorite wolf back to health.”


Yugyeom blushed, buried his face in in the blankets, and let out a small sound. “Why are you so cute? I seriously can’t handle it.”


Eunkyung giggled. Even if they were both battered and bruised, they would be okay. 


Eunkyung and Yugyeom were together, and that’s all that mattered.


At her insistence, Yugyeom carefully carried Eunkyung to the kitchen. He gave her some medicine and made her a simple breakfast to eat while they waited for the others to wake up. The hunters were there as well. They were sleeping in a bunch of different places all over the house. Yugyeom told her that one of the tired to sleep with the pack in her room but JB insisted on the pack sleeps with her since they were her pack family.


After maybe and hour or so, there was a loud knock on the front door.


Both Eunkyung and Yugyeom glanced at each other.


“Would you mind getting that for me, Yugyeom.” Eunkyung said as she set her tea cup down. “If it’s someone who needs to speak with me, please bring them here.”


Yugyeom nodded and set his mug down before going to the front door. Eunkyung heard two people speaking softly before-


“Alright you guys!” A girl shouted into the house. “It’s time to get up! We’re having a meeting!”


There was a groan from behind the couch and J Hope pulled himself from behind him.


“It’s like, the ass crack of dawn. Do we really have to do this now?” He grumbled but got up none the less.


All of Eunkyung’s questions were answered a moment later when a familiar face popped around the corner.


“Good morning, Eunkyung,” Minji walked over to her and gave her a careful hug. “I was going to check on the pack after the full moon, but the trees told me what happened. You’re so lucky Yugyeom was there.”


The pack and the hunters shuffle their way into the kitchen and Minji counted heads before nodding.


“Alright, we’re all here. Let’s start at the beginning.” Minji pulled out a small notebook and pen to take notes. “What happened last night?”


“Eunkyung was attacked by an unknown wolf in the woods last night.” Monster spoke up. “We were trying to figure out a saw to neutralize the wolf without harming her when Yugyeom attacked the wolf and protected Eunkyung.”


“Ooo!” Minji shot a sly look at Eunkyung. She scribbled down a few notes before  slamming it shut with a note of finality. “I see. Well, it looks like I’m done here then.”


“What do you mean, done here?” Jungkook glared at the witch. “The wolf got out of his cage during the full moon. Those cages are the ones that you enchanted. That shouldn’t be possible.”


“My enchantments are infallible. They can be broken if one is truly determined to break them.” 


“What?” Monster growled. “So you mean we aren’t actually safe from them on the full moon.”


“Oh no, you are.” Minji gave him a knowing look. “There’s only one reason a wolf should be able to get out of there.” She turned to Yugyeom pointedly. “What have your visions been of recently, Yugyeom?”


The pup looked down at the ground and blushed.


“I thought so,” Minji crossed her arms and look at Monster smugly. “Eunkyung is Yugyeom’s mate.”


“WHAT?!” All the hunters burst out and made surprised interjections. They looked at Eunkyung and Yugyeom and the couples flushed face only confirmed it.


“There’s a bond between mates that is one of the strongest things in the world. When a werewolf’s mate is in danger, they’re entire body tells them to fight whatever is endangering them. When Eunkyung was attacked last night, Yugyeom could feel her terror and his need to protect her overpowered the full moons power to make him go wild.”


“But he still could have killed her, right?” Jin asked. “If we hadn’t gotten her out of there, she would have been in trouble.”


“Oh my god, stop being such an idiot.” Eunkyung spoke up. “Yugyeom literally covered for you guys while you were getting me to safety. Do you really want to keep thinking so backward.”


The hunters seemed to hesitate and Minji spoke up.


“I’ve always said it. There’s is some truth behind your reasoning for hunting wolves, but it’s also, like, really judgmental of you to focus just on a single group based on the actions of few.”


“… I suppose your right.” Monster said. “Yugyeom did save Eunkyung during the full moon. It would be… In our best interest to learn more about werewolves.”


“But don’t think we still won’t be hunters. If there are every any lone wolves again like last night, we’ll be here to neutralize them.” Jin spoke up. “Werewolves are still dangerous when they have no control over themselves. But, you have a point. It was wrong of us to judge werewolves so harshly.”


After the wolves and hunters had come to an agreement on how to improve their relationship from here, the hunters left back for their home and the werewolf all gathered in Eunkyung’s living room.


“I think that went well,” She smiled at everyone. “At the very least, it’s start.”


Yugyeom nodded and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “Maybe one day we’ll be able to live in peace with them.”





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