Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


8. Chapter 8

Luke's POV

We caught up with the others and we payed for our game, of course I payed for Seren's and surprisingly Cal payed for Meg's, we got our shoes and went to find our lane

After a short while of playing it came to my attention that Seren was very competitive, so I suggested that we went into pairs and the pair with the highest combined score won overall

Everyone loved that idea, I paired with my girlfriend, it still felt weird to say that, Mikey said that he would go with Meg when Cal stepped in and said that he wanted to go with Meg which left Ash and Mikey together

Honestly I thought that Meg and Cal would be adorable together and it was clear that they obviously liked each other by the way they couldn't take their eyes of one another

Throughout the game it was clear that my girlfriend and I were the best team, and in between out goes we sat together and I put my arm around Seren and she snuggled in close

We all talked about a variety of things most of which was laughing at how incredibly bad Cal was

Once the game had finished in our pairs we added our totals together and it was clear that Seren and I won

"Yay" She shouted and jumped into my arms

"Well done guys" Ash said

Then out of the corner of my eye I could see Cal talking to Meg and I overheard him ask her if she wanted to go and see the new horror film that just came out, and she obviously said yes, so Cal came over to us and said

"Hey guys Meg and I are going to the cinema down the road to see the new horror film"

"That's great" Seren said

"Don't worry about transport we'll get a taxi afterwards" Cal told us

"Sure?" Asked Mikey "I could come get you"

"Nah its alright you enjoy your night with Ash" Cal said

As Seren was coming over to our place, the guys were going to stay at Mikey's mums place as she was away on holiday

With that Cal and Meg walked out

"Do you guys want a lift back?" Mikey asked

"What to do you think?" I asked Seren

"Its not too far and I think i'd like the walk" She said

"Thanks Mikey but we'll walk" I told him

"Great, see you later" He said

Then he and Ash left, leaving me to walk Seren back to mine

As we walked we held hands and talked, it got a bit chilly so I gave Seren my hoodie yet again

"Wont you be cold?" She asked

"Its worth it for a beautiful girl like you" I said with a grin on my face and Seren laughed

"Maybe 'won't you be cold' will be our always" She said

"Oh you're pathetic" I said and hugged her close and kissed her gently on her forehead and we carried on walking and acting silly together

Which is one thing I loved about Seren is that she didn't mind being silly around me or anyone

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