Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


7. Chapter 7

Seren's POV

The guys arrived at 3, as soon as they pulled up my drive Luke was out of the car and giving me a big hug, once we had left each others embrace I introduced Meg to Luke they said Hi, then Luke signaled to the others to join us, so they got out the car and stood by us

"So Seren this is Cal, Mikey and Ash" Luke said "Cal, Mikey and Ash this is Seren and her friend Meg! Meg this is Cal, Mikey and Ash"

"Hi" we all kinda chorused together

After that we jumped in the car, Mikey drove with Ash in the front, then Meg and Cal (who would just be adorable together, and they can't stop staring at each other, eek love is blossoming) in the middle, with me and Luke in the back

On the journey we all talked about an assortment of stuff like, how creating music was going, what all of our hobbies are and once we discovered that Cal and Meg both liked horror films, so they went into their own conversation, and Ash and Mikey started talking about bands which left me to talk to Luke

"Hey" I said "Thanks again for yesterday it was really fun"

"My pleasure" Luke said whilst brushing some hair out of my face "Seren I have to tell you something"

"Um okay" I said nervously

"I know we've only known each other for a few days, but I really like you, like just when I think of you I get butterflies in my stomach, so um would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?" Luke asked

"OMG Luke of course I will" I said

"So i've been waiting for a while now, but can I kiss you?" He said giving me puppy dog eyes

"What about the others? And we're in the back of a car" I said

"Forget about that"

And with that said we leaned in closed our eyes and let our lips do the talking, his were soft and gentle, at that moment I realised that I was falling for Luke

There was then a loud cheer from the rest of the car

"Oh shut up guys" Luke and I said together smiling and the I put my head on his shoulder and snuggled up

A little while later we arrived at the bowling centre and got out the car, the others started walking in when Luke grabbed my arm pulled me close and kissed me

After we pulled away he wrapped his arms around me and said

"How does it feel to be my girlfriend?"

"I think the question should be how does it feel to my boyfriend" I said cheekily

"Amazing haha"

We kissed once more then went to catch up with the others

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