Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


6. Chapter 6

Luke's POV

The next day arrived, I woke at about 11 which left me 4 hours to chill and get ready for my date with Seren, I went downstairs to get breakfast when I saw the guys asleep on the living room floor, we all lived together so I knew they would be in, just not lying on the floor

"Guys" I said loud enough to wake them

"What" Cal said in a startled tone

"Why are you asleep on the floor?" I asked

"Uh well we thought we might catch Seren sneaking out" Ash said sightly hushed

"Well obviously you wouldn't" I said a little mad "You guys know i'm not like that, anyway I really like Seren and I kinda want to take it slow and make sure everything is right"

"Ooh mr touchy are we" Mikey jeered

I just rolled my eyes at him, yes guys roll their eyes too

"That is sweet though, you must really like her" Ash said

"Yeah I do"

After I made breakfast, watched some tv, and showered it was 1 o'clock when I got a message from Seren

'Hey can't wait to see you later, but is it ok if my friend Meg comes? She's just found out that her parents are getting a divorce, it would only be for bowling she'll go home after that'

'Thats no problem, why don't I bring the guys so you can officially meet them?' I said in return

'That sounds great we'd both love to meet them, but how will we all fit in the car?' She asked

'Don't worry about that i'll sort it out'

'Great i'll see you at 3 then'

'Yep see you at 3'

And with that I put my phone back in my pocket and asked the guys to come, they all said yes which was good but now I had the slight problem of transport

"Hey Mikey does your mum still have that people carrier?" I asked

"Yeah why?" He said

"How many seats as it got?" I asked again

"8, will you tell me why you're asking about that?" He said sounding puzzled

"Well there are 6 of us going bowling, so can you drive us in it please?" I begged

"Okay, but only cause I see how happy Seren makes you"

"Yay" I said and hugged him

"Ugh get of me Luke" Mikey said... So I did

Mikey went and got the car, so we could go and pick the girls up, whilst he was gone to make sure no one sat alone we decided that Ashton would sit in the front with Mikey, then in the middle row Cal would sit next to Meg so I could sit with Seren

When he got back we jumped in the car and were off to get the girls

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