Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


5. Chapter 5

Seren's POV

As soon as I got home I pulled out my phone and called Meg, she answered on the 3rd ring, and with out even saying hello she shouted

"Omg how was it?"

"Hello to you too" I said in reply "And it was amazing"

We must have talked for over an hour about the day's events, most of the chat was about how unbelievably sweet Luke was, getting all that delicious food, and talking time away from his friends just to meet me

Just as Meg was asking about if we would meet again and I was telling her that he was going to text me with the plan I felt my phone buzz against my ear so I told Meg

"I just felt my phone buzz"

"OMG" Is all that she could reply with

"I have to check it so I call you back on the house phone in a minute" I said

"Coolio" Meg said with a slight cheekiness in her voice

I ended the call with her and pulled up my messages, lo and behold there was a message from Luke, it said

'Hello beautiful I loved seeing you today, tomorrow i'm going to pick you up at 3 and we are going to go bowling and then i'm taking you out to a fancy restaurant, which may or may not be my place, you seem like a girl that enjoy's pizza and films, so that is the plan, a chill day where I can just be with you'

As I read it I just kept smiling and smiling, I replied with

'How to do you know me so well Mr Hemmings 😉 That sounds great i'll send you my address when I remember it haha I look forward to seeing you tomorrow'

I sent that and went and found my address and sent that to him as well

I then called Meg on the house phone and told her everything that had happened, after all of that we just got talking about other things, we talked until 11pm when I told her that I was tired and wanted to sleep so we ended to call and I headed to bed

That night I fell asleep thinking about Luke

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