Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


4. Chapter 4

Luke's POV

It was 5 minutes before I was meant to be meeting Seren, I sat nervously on the swings thinking about what I was going to say to her

A few minutes passed when suddenly someone jumped up on me and shouted 'Boo' I turned around to see that it was Seren

"Hi" I said "Thanks for coming"

"Its alright, here is your hoodie" Seren replied

I know I should've waited longer but I couldn't help it, I just had to ask her out

"So um" I said nervously "What are you doing in a minute?"

"I dunno" Seren said

"Well now you have plans" I said

"And what exactly are those plans" She said cheekily

"I was thinking maybe a picnic?" I asked "I have everything packed"

"Aww that sounds great" She replied

So we walked over to where I had set everything up, we sat down and got talking

We talked all afternoon about everything, the band, films, food, animals, everything, and as every minute went by I grew to like Seren even more

We spent the whole afternoon sitting, talking and enjoying each others company, as 6 o'clock approached Seren said that she had to get home, I offered to drive her but she had her car

"Okay, can I see you tomorrow?" I asked

"Sure Luke" Seren said

"I'll text you with the details" I told her

"Thanks for a great day" She said and kissed me on the cheek "I'll see you tomorrow"

"Sure" I said whilst blushing

We hugged goodbye, then Seren got in her car and went home, leaving me with butterflies in my stomach

I couldn't wait till the next time I saw her, I know I haven't known her for long but I think i'm starting to fall for Seren

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