Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


3. Chapter 3

Seren's POV

I woke up with a smile plastered across my face, last night was amazing and just the idea of having Luke's number made me smile and giggle like a little girl

My house was closer to the venue so Meg stayed over at mine, she must have heard me wake up because before I knew it she jumped on my bed with my phone in her hands

"So... Are you going to text him" Meg asked with a cheeky look in her eyes

"Chill Meg" I said rolling my eyes "But yeah give me my phone" I said giggling

I turned on my phone and set up a blank text, then sat there for a few moments thinking about what to say

"Hurry up Seren" Meg said impatiently

"I don't know what to say" I said nervously

"Uh well don't be too weird, just be casual" Meg replied

"How about 'Hi its Seren from the other night, it was nice meeting you, when would you like your hoodie back?'" I told Meg

"Go for it" She said in a supportive tone

So I typed in Luke's number and wrote the message, my finger hovered over the send button for a while debating whether it was too soon to send the text, I was so excited that I decided to send it, you only live once right?

With the message sent Meg and I went and made breakfast, I only got half way down the stairs when I got a reply from Luke it said:

'Hey my star, go to the park near last nights venue for 2pm"

After that my smile went from ear to ear

"Why are you smiling like that?" Meg asked

"I just got a reply from Luke" I said

"Omg that was quick he must be keen" Meg said whilst winking

"Oh shut up Meg" I replied

"What did he say?" She inquired

"He asked me to meet him at the park by last nights venue at 2pm" I told her

"Omg thats great you need to start getting ready" She said

"Its only 11 though" I replied

"Exactly we have to get the perfect outfit, sort out your hair and makeup" Meg said smiling

"But i'm only going to give his hoodie back" I said in a puzzled tone

"Still you want to leave him wanting more" She said whilst giving me here signature wink

"Okay then i'll go shower" I said as I turned and headed back up the stairs

When I was in the shower all I could think about was how perfect Luke was, his perfect personality, hair, body, face, everything about him was perfect

By the time I was out the shower Meg had already picked out my outfit, it consisted of my black ripped skinny jeans, my favourite Nirvana top, and my vans

"I always wear this shirt" I told Meg

"I know but you look so cute in it" She said

"Okay then i'm trusting you" I replied

Once Meg had done my hair in an adorable side braid, and my makeup was done it was half 1 which gave me just enough time to get to the park

"When you get back call me" she said

"Of course" I told her

And with that she got in her car and went home, so I got in mine ready to set off

With once last look in the car mirror I set off for my meeting with Luke

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