Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


2. Chapter 2

Luke's POV

When I got back to the dressing room all I could think of was how beautiful Seren was, this was when I started staring off into space

It was only when Mikey came and sat down beside me that my endless staring contest with the wall finished

"You alright mate?" Mikey asked

"Yeah i'm fine thanks" I started to say sounding a little spaced out "Its just that the best thing has just happened"

"Whats happened?" Calum shouted as he and Ashton came crashing into the room

"Well I went outside to get some air when I bumped into the prettiest girl ever" I said

"Awwww Lukey has a crush" they all jokingly chorused together

"Actually I think I do" I replied

"So whats her name?" Cal asked in a slightly more serious tone

"Yeah what's she like?" Mikey asked

"Well her name is Seren which apparently is welsh for star, isn't that adorable!" I paused slightly before continuing "She has brown hair and the most gorgeous hazel eyes, I could stare at them forever, also she's quite small but I don't mind, she is just so beautiful"

"Did you get her number then?" Ash asked

"Sort of, she was waiting for her friend to get the car, and so I waited with her and we talked, it got cold so I gave her my hoodie and ended up writing my number on her hand" I said with a smile on my face

"Ooh she has a friend" Cal said laughing "Now who's going to get the friend, I bet it will be Ash haha once Luke's gone they go for Ash"

"Oh shut up Cal" Ash said whilst throwing a cushion at Cal

"Anyway lets go to the hotel, I'm tired" I said to the others

"Good shout Luke, but first can we stop for pizza? I'm hungry" Mikey said with a little sparkle in his eyes

"All you ever want is pizza Mikey" Cal said

"True... But can we?" Mikey asked

"I'm sure we can get some delivered to the hotel" I said and got up ready to leave

"Yay" Mikey said whilst jumping up and skipping out of the room

The others left and just before I turned the lights off I pulled out my phone to see if I had any messages from Seren, but there wasn't

I was a little upset but then it was late so she was probably asleep, so I turned the lights off shut the door and hurried to catch up with the guys and get to the hotel

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